Prince Fielder lands in Detroit

Headed to the Motor City

The mystery team strikes again!  After months of rumors and speculation Prince Fielder finally has a new home.  Washington?  Seattle?  Baltimore? Miami? Texas? Detroit!  The Detroit Tigers were never mentioned as a potential suitor for the former Milwaukee Brewers slugger.  As has been the trend in recent years with Cliff Lee to Philadelphia and Albert Pujols to Orange County it’s not always the team you expect or hear about that lands the monster free agent.  Scott Boras may have made a mistake with Ryan Madson’s new contract but he sure made up for it with Prince Fielders deal.  After losing 1b/C/DH Victor Martinez for the 2012 season due to a torn ACL the Tigers inked the 27-year old Fielder to a reported 9-year, $214 million contract.  With the inactive off-seasons out of the AL Central it would appear that Detroit remains the odds on favorite to win the division and compete for an American League Title.

Prince Fielder – Career Statistics



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