Former Phillie Pat Burrell Retires

After playing 12 seasons with 3 major league teams, 35-year old Pat Burrell has retired from baseball.

Burrell blasted 292 career home runs over 12 big league seasons, 251 of which were hit in a Phillies uniform which ranks fourth in club history.

Pat Burrell was selected with the 1st overall pick in the 1998 amateur draft by Philadelphia.

After an up and down Phillies career Burrell became a fan favorite as a member of the 2008 world champion squad.

Following his 9-year Phillies career, Burrell headed to Tampa Bay for a 2-season stint before being released due to poor performance.

The 2010 San Francisco Giants signed Burrell to minor league deal during the 2010 season where he had an opportunity to win a second world series.

Burrell played in 2 World Series (2008, 2010) where he had 1 hit in 27 at-bats netting himself 2 World Series rings.

Career Profile & Statistics

Phillies 2000-2008

Rays 2009-2010


Giants 2010-2011



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