Sports with Balls Super Bowl XLVI Running Thoughts

The “Sports with Balls Blog” presents Super Bowl XLVI Running Thoughts.

The thread will be updated by our writers over a 48-hour span prior, during and following the big game.


With a little over 24-hours before kickoff it’s rather nice to be busy working.  As much as I’m anticipating the game its nice to move things along.  Have already had enough of the Super Bowl pregame before its ever really started.

Mike O. Saturday 4:55pm


Giants are Super Bowl Champions as per  A bit premature, gotta think someone in the Giants web department will take a beating for that one.

Mike O. Saturday 5:10pm


Done work.  Headed out to hang out with “real friends”.  After that the Super Bowl will really start to sink in as a reality.

Mike O. Saturday 5:10pm


Just back from seeing my UMass Minutemen beat GW in basketball.  And that is the only Massachusetts team that needs to win for the rest of the weekend.  By the way, not happy to see this error of premature celebration on  I’m not superstitious…other than when it comes to sports.  Talk about the ultimate jinx!

Matt S. Saturday 11:00 pm


As we are less than 24 hours away from the biggest football game of the year I would like to take the time to wish good luck to Mike O and Matt Sherman. On paper the Giants seem to have all the match-ups minus quarterback, sorry Eli, but I just get that feeling that it is time for the Patriots to seek revenge for the Giants late success over them. I look forward to a close, competitive game that we will be talking about for years. No offense Matt, Go Pats!!!!

Scotty B Sunday 1:10 am


Peace out Tiquan Underwood at least you got a free trip to Indy and a killer haircut.

Mike O. Sunday 2:22 am


Wow that new header is awesome!

William Raymond Fucich IV Sunday 2:24 am


Interesting article posing the question who is the better endorsement deal, Eli or Tommy Terrific?  The answer may surprise you.

William Raymond Fucich IV Sunday 2:41 am


Interesting prop bet tidbit – The NFC has won the coin toss in the Super Bowl the last 14 years.

William Raymond Fucich IV Sunday 2:51 am


I also think the header is great.
By the way, in case anyone was wondering… I’m not looking forward to this Super Bowl at all! I’m going to be the Debbie Downer in this blog post.

Warren  Sunday 4:01 AM


As I awoke this morning I felt Big Blue pulsating through my veins, for 24 hours I am a Giants fan. GGGGGGGGGGGGGG-Men!

Warren, 4th is always better!

William Raymond Fucich IV Sunday 8:03 am


The highlight of any Super Bowl weekend…….the Celebrity Beach Bowl.

Kate Upton:

Not fair how good looking she is

Erin Andrews:

If she isn't #1 on Scott Boucher's Top Ten I call shenanigans

 Joe Manganiello (no clue who he is but he is holding a Terrible Towel):

One way or another the Terrible Towel always makes its way to the Super Bowl -- No comment on the camouflage.

Robert Edwards was not in attendance.

No clue where the beach in Indianapolis is exactly.

William Raymond Fucich IV Sunday 8:25 am


Fantastic job by Bill on the Mike/Matt Super Bowl theme.

I suspect Warren Croxton will spend some time today playing Madden 2012 for his PS3 while eating cold pizza & green grapes.

I wouldn’t be shocked if either Nate Solder or Rob Ninkovich scored a touchdown today.

I full respect how good the Giants defensive is, specifically the defensive line but when did they become the ’85 Bears?

Mike O. Sunday 8:47 am


Super Bowl Sunday finally here! Over the last two weeks I’ve gone from being cautiously optimistic to not having a clue to being pretty confident to now being worried.  Just start this damn game already!

Matt S. Sunday 9:04 am


Currently driving to Verplanck, New York located on the shady side of the Hendrick Hudson to watch the big game with my Giants/Mets fan cousin (you have company Sherms).

As I have begun my 24-hour Giants fanhood, I having a feeling of excitement in having a real rooting interest for the game.

I totally appreciate the bandwagoner philosophy now, you get all the fun and enjoyment if the team you latch onto wins, but no distress because of the lack of emotional investment throughout the year if that team loses.

Truly enlightening!

William Raymond Fucich IV Sunday 9:17 am


It kind of feels like Christmas morning.

Hopefully the Giants don’t get all the breaks like Super Bowl XLII

Mike O. Sunday 9:26 am


Kind of feels like Christmas morning for me, too…and I’m Jewish, so that means I’m bored! The 9 hours till kickoff are going to take forever!

Matt S. Sunday, 9:30 am


I think Jets fans will find this position most accommodating during Super Bowl XLVI:

I wonder if he is watching the Super Bowl with Kim Kardashian

William Raymond Fucich IV Sunday 9:45 am


Work may not move as quickly as I’d like it.  Several hours of women’s basketball.

Mike O. Sunday 11:37 am


Wonder is Jorge Richards will watch the Super Bowl or a series of animated Disney movies?

Mike O. Sunday 11:49 am


Scotty B likely loves this picture.

Mike O. Sunday 12:36 pm


Two-hour nap took up some time.  Now less than six hours to go.   When to start tuning into pregame?

Matt S. Sunday 12:46 pm


Update: I shouldn’t type at 4 am in the morning when I’m dead tired. I’m not a 4th, just an idiot.  Anyway, I’m greatly looking forward to avoiding the pre game festivities at all costs.

Warren Sunday 12:53 pm


Also take the Henrik Lundquist saves over Giants points in your prop bet betting.

Warren Sunday at 1 pm


Well considering the Flyers have about six shots on goal in the first period, not off to a good start.

Warren Sunday 1:50 pm


Hopefully the terror of the Giants finally ends….’07 Super Bowl, ’11 preseason (I know who gives a shit), ’11 regular season.  Plus the ’10 NLCS… Joe Biden knows the difference………

Mike O. Sunday 2:14 pm


Sports with Balls Super Bowl Picks have gone live.

Mike O. Sunday 2:15 pm


The Super Bowl never feels real when your team is in it.  It’s definitely special.  Been lucky enough to see the Patriots involved in 6.

Mike O. Sunday 2:49 pm


Chris Canty has provided his Super Bowl prediction via twitter. “Giants 28, New England 17” appeared on “ChrisCanty99” .

Mike O. Sunday 2:54 pm


Just killed an entire bowl of Taco Dip during the 2nd intermission. Feeling good.

Warren Sunday 3:03 PM


Here is an insanely large amount of prop bets……..really its freaking nuts.

Mike O. Sunday 3:08 pm


Still managing to avoid the pregame show.  We’ll see how long I can go without hearing anything about the game.  Mike O – about the Canty prediction on Twitter, that’s the primary reason I don’t like Twitter!!!

Matt S. Sunday 3:22 pm


Twitter can drive you nuts like that.

Anxiety/excitement is really starting to build.  Women’s basketball isn’t really passing time the way I’d like it too…..boring

Mike O. Sunday 3:36 pm


Lundquist finishes with 21 saves. Doesn’t seem like enough to top the Giants score.  This day is going to suck.

Warren Sunday 3:46 pm


Wouldn’t mind seeing more of the same.

Mike O. Sunday 3:57 pm


Warren is probably getting fired up for Faith Hill.

Mike O. Sunday 3:58 pm


Warren, you never know with the Lundqvist prop.  Super Bowl 42 was low scoring, and this season’s matchup with 0-0 at halftime.  My real prediction (not the one posted for this blog) is 24-20 Giants.  Just call me Chris Canty I guess.

Matt S. Sunday 4:22 pm


Patriots Super Bowl XLVI inactive are:

Ryan Mallett, Kevin Faulk, Shane Vereen, Gary Guyton, Donald Thomas, Nick McDonald & Ron Brace

Mike O. Sunday 4:32 pm


Giants Super Bowl XLVI in actives are:

Mark Herzlich, Ramses Barden, Da’Rel Scott, Jim Cordle, Justin Trattou, Jimmy Kennedy, James Brewer

Mike O. Sunday 4:37 pm


Baked Potato/Mashed Potato discussion going on at work……’s getting heated.

Mike O. Sunday 5:00 pm


1:25 to go…..nerves building.

Mike O. Sunday 5:04 pm


Finally turned the pregame on.  Homemade soft pretzels, taco dip, and meatballs getting cooked now.  Wife gets 95% of the credit for those.

Matt S. Sunday 5:24 pm


Aaron Rodgers talking about the Giants faking injuries during Giants-Packers game, when Packers were driving.  Waaaaaah!

Matt S. Sunday 5:25 pm


For some reason I feel pretty good about tonight’s game.  Not sure why.  Based on paper and match ups you’d think Giants….. maybe it has to do with the whole 18-0 deal 4 years ago but I feel better an hour before kickoff this year.

Time to take off from work and head home.

Mike O. Sunday 5:37 pm


Okay, nerves kicking in big time now with less than 40 minutes to go till kickoff.  No posting or texting for me during the game.  Good luck Mike O.

-Matt S. Sunday 5:56 pm


Watching your team in a Super Bowl is special.  I’ve been lucky in both football and baseball.   Hoping things go well.

I’ll check in during a few commercial breaks, maybe halftime.

Good luck Matt, well lets not go too Tyree crazy or anything.

Go Pats!

Mike O. Sunday 6:24 pm


Wouldn’t trade being in the Super Bowl for anything but this is torture.  Super Bowl’s are more “fun” when you don’t care.

Mike O. Sunday 6:40 pm


Mistakes lose football games……..Penalty for a safety…..Penalty turned into 7 points…….down 9 before the offense runs its second play.

Very frustrating…..

Mike O. Sunday 6:54 pm


1 quarter d own, 3 to go.  9-0 Giants.  Disappointing start because of penalties.  2 penalties turn into 9 points.  Encouraging drive going on.  Gotta get points.

Mike O. Sunday 7:02 pm


Half time, 10-9 Patriots.  Lucky to be up by 1 at the half.  Giants outplayed the Patriots in between their first drive and their last drive.  Pats defense has done a good job with the bend don’t break.  Giants score 9 points on 2 penalties.  Patriots need to get better field position in the 2nd half.

Mike O. Sunday 7:54 pm


Half time is relaxing for about 5 minutes.  Then you are back to thinking about the game.  Eating a few Super Pretzel bites, no cheese whiz or fries.

Mike O. Sunday 8:19 pm


After 3 quarters the Patriots are up 17-15.  Much like the previous 4 Brady/Belichick Super Bowl’s this one looks like it may come down to the final minute…..

Mike O. Sunday 9:01 pm


Sort of like Super Bowl 42…..when the Giants put the ball on the ground they find away to get it back….healthy Gronkowski probably doesn’t allow that interception.

-Mike O. Sunday 9:07 pm


Too many things have been similar to 2007…..2:00 to go Patriots up 17-15.  Giants in easy field goal territory.

Welker drop could end up being a killer……..

Also Eli Manning is good, but he is great in the 4th quarter.

-Mike O. Sunday 9:40 pm


Congrats to Matt yet again…….Very disappointed. Had chances.  Lose another rough one in similar fashion to XLII.  Missed a few plays by only inches.

Another amazing run by the Giants.

-Mike O. Sunday 9:57 pm


Thanks, Mike.  Pretty much in disbelief at the moment.  The Giants did not play a perfect game by any means; recovered 2 of their own fumbles, Pats had some drops.  But another Eli 4th quarter drive is what it came down to.  Unbelievable.

Matt S. Sunday 10:18 pm


I think whats most disappointing is knowing that the window is closing.  So close on two occasions….Felt like the offense needed to score high 20’s or more likely 30’s to get it done.  Played well at times.  Came up a little short.

Giants 2011 NFL Champions.

-Mike O. Sunday 10:31 pm


Just realized the fact that the Giants went 0-4 against teams quarterbacked by Rex Gross, Tavaris Jackson, and Vince Young; but went 13-3 against everyone else, including playoffs.  Certainly a few imperfect performances on the way to a perfect ending.

Matt S. Monday 12:18 am


Actually going to try to go to bed now……just hoping I can fall asleep…..same shit, different year. Still hoping I wake up from a nightmare……

p.s. my apologies to tmobile girl making $12 an hour for being mean.

-Mike O. Monday 2:16 am


About to head off to work.  Seeing Mike O’s posts, I feel kind of bad gloating here.  Not that it makes you feel much better, Mike, but my baseball team probably won’t have a winning record for another 20 years.  So I’ll probably have to cherish this Giants championship for quite some time.

– Matt S. Monday 7:44 am


Woke up and this wasn’t a nightmare.  2005-2011 has been filled with some really tough finishes for the Patriots…certainly paying the price for the early success in the decade.

Matt you aren’t gloating.  You should be excited.  Enjoy it and celebrate it.

-Mike O. Monday 11:01 am


Been keeping very busy today with a ton of paper work that had to get done.  Despite that can’t completely get the Super Bowl out of mind.  I’m sure other sports fans can agree.  Life isn’t about sports, but sports plays a role.  It’s definitely a little piece of who you are so it stings for a while.

Also of note, I’ve seen a lot of finger pointing from fans of the Patriots blaming Tom Brady, Wes Welker, etc…..It was a true team loss.  Everyone played well at times and could have played better at times….Brady misfired a few passes, there were a few drops by various receivers and as well as the defense played throughout the majority of the game they did allow a game winning drive in the closing moments yet again…

-Mike O. Monday 2:44 pm


Got some congratulations at work for the Giants winning (some Redskins fans, but fans of other teams too).  First time I’ve seen the Giants win a Super Bowl away from home (I was living in Philly in ’08 but drove up to NY to watch with my dad).  Feels a little strange to be away from a lot of my fellow Giants fans, and local TV and newspaper coverage.

On a separate note, last night was thinking back to the preseason, and my brother and I complaining about the fact that the Giants made essentially zero moves.  I guess there’s something to be said for continuity.  Jerry Reese has got to feel vindicated.

-Matt S. Monday 5:55 pm


Congrats to Matt Sherman as the Giants have the Patriots number again. Eli has made his way into the top 5 quarterbacks in this league, even if Eagles fans don’t want to admit it. Brady just is not the same quarterback when you get constant pressure on him. Welker and Branch having huge drops was quite unusual and didn’t help Brady either. Aaron Hernandez and Danny Woodhead did a good job of stepping in for Gronkowski, but those drops and dumb penalties killed them. The trio of Cruz, Nicks and Manningham gave the Patriots secondary fits all night and Manningham’s catch on the last drive was simply sensational. Another awesome game between these two and another tough ending for Mike O. Look on the bright side Mike and Warren, the last time the Giants won the Super Bowl, the Phillies won the World Series.

Scotty B Monday 8:52 pm


The injury to Rob Gronkowski hurt.  It really limited the Pats big play ability.

Bernard Pollard has done a solid job ending New England Patriot seasons, 2008, 2009, 2011………asshole

-Mike O. Monday 11:59 pm



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  1. Giants are taking it for sure by at least 3pts.

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