Spring Draws Close

As camps open across Major League Baseball this weekend it is a sure sign that spring is near.  Baseball fans across the country are filled with excitement and anticipation as the new season inches closer.  The excitement of the new season is in the unknown.  What will the story lines of the 2012 season be?  Who will rise & fall?  Can it match the excitement of what we witnessed last year?

The 2011 regular season ended with a bang…epic comebacks, the brutal collapse of two teams, unlikely heroes……

The 2011 post season provided fans with 38 out of a possible 41 playoff games, concluding with an exciting 7-game World Series.

David Freese World Series Game 6

2011 Season by the numbers

Potential 2012 story lines:

King Albert heads west

The Angels were the big winners at the winter meetings with the addition of Albert Pujols & CJ Wilson, will it be enough to over take the Rangers in the AL West?

Miguel Cabrera will get an extra boost with Prince on board

Can anyone compete with the powerful Tigers (Miguel Cabrera/Prince Fielder/Justin Verlander) in the AL Central?

Papelbon, Francona and other have moved on

Will the Red Sox be able to bounce back from a killer September in a competitive AL East?

The Diamondbacks shocked the Giants in 2011

Who is the team to watch in the NL West?  The defending division champion Diamondbacks added talent but the Giants continue to thrive with young talented pitching.

The additions of Ryan Madson & Mat Latos along with a Joey Votto could mean a dangerous Reds squad

Do big loses by the Cardinals & Brewers make the Reds the favorite for the bounce back year in the NL Central?

Halladay-Lee-Hamels is still the top trio of starter in baseball

The NL East looks to be one of the most competitive divisions in baseball.  Do the aging Phillies still hold the advantage or is it time for the Nationals, Marlins & Braves to rise?

What will the 2012 season hold?  That is to be decided from April-October 2012. As camps open so does the seasons journey…


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