Sports with Balls – Highlights

The Sports with Balls Blog has been live for approximately eight months. As we push towards out 400th post I figured I’d take a few moments to highlight some of our most successful articles.

Warren’s Highlights:

John Lannan needs a hug

The Diamondbacks are good, their announcers not so much.

Written in the Stars……

Jim Thome Signs With Phillies

RIP Danys Baez’ Phillies Career

The Most Exciting Night in Baseball History.

Warren’s All-Hate Team

Davey Johnson is a clown.


Updated: Lakers acquire Chris Paul, Maybe not.

Marathon game ends on an awful call.

Chris Paul is finally traded!


Bill’s Highlights:

Ultimate SwBS Staff SuperTerrific Super Bowl Party!

2011 Sports with Balls Show NFC Predictions

2011 Sports with Balls Show AFC Predictions

Sports ADD

SwBS 2011 World Series Picks

Keystone State Memories

Scott’s Highlights:

In A World of Mascots, Who Reigns Supreme?

Scotty B’s All Ugly NBA Team

Springfield Spotlight

No No’s at the Ball Park

Francona Era Over in Boston

Uniforms: The Good, The Bad and The Ugly.

Boston Massacre


Mike’s Highlights:

Seinfeld Sports Legacy

Sports with Balls Super Bowl XLVI Running Thoughts

Who stole Terry Francona’s Jersey?

Arthur Rhodes finally gets World Series Ring

Von Hayes Tribute

Bo Knows

Miami Marlins uniforms revealed

Cheap Hits

Astros General Manager Ed Wade Fired

Matt Stairs Phillies Legend Retires


Matt’s Highlights:

Gary Carter (1954-2012)

A Look Back at Carlos Beltran’s Time With the Mets

Did Sports With Balls Curse the Mets?

What Happened To the Baseball All-Star Game?



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