NBA Power Rankings

1. Miami Heat 27-7- DWade had a triple double in the All-Star and still wasn’t even the best player on the court.

2. Oklahoma City Thunder 27-7 Durant won his first MVP in Sunday’s defense slugfest.

3. Chicago Cubs 27-8- Derrick Rose had 14 points in his starting role and Luol Deng only played six minutes.

4.  San Antonio Spurs 24-10- They’ve lost once the entire month of February.

5. Los Angeles Clippers 20-11- Paul had 12 assists, while Blake finished with 22 in the West 3 point win on Sunday.

6. Dallas Mavericks 21-13- Dirk has averaged 28 in the last four games, but the Mavericks have only gone 2-2.

7. Houston Rockets 20-14- Have won four out of five games, Kevin McHale is certainly in the running for Coach of the Year.

8. Orlando Magic 22-13- Now the Dwight Howards rumors begin….

9. Philadelphia 76ers 20-14- Limped into the All-Star on a five game losing streak, Oklahoma City and Chicago this week on tap.

10. Los Angeles Lakers 20-14- A players’ only meeting after a win?  Kobe took a shot in the nose in the All-Star Game, getting evaluated today.

11.  Indiana Pacers 21-12- Four game winning streak heading into the All-Star Game, but all of the wins were against the bottom feeders of the league.

12. Atlanta Hawks 20-14- A below average month for the Hawks, beating the Warriors will get them to 7-8.

13. Memphis Grizzlies 19-15- Have gone 7-2 in their last 9 and have got back on track after a disastrous start.

14.  Portland Trailblazers 18-16- a 40 point win over the Spurs is a great way to head into the break.

15. Denver Nuggets 18-17- Have lost five out of six, having a tough go with Ganillari out of the lineup.

16. Minnesota Timberwolves 17-17- Kevin Love won the three point contest on Saturday, edging out some guy named Durant.  If the Wolves finish above .500, Love should garner the MVP votes.

17. New York Knicks 17-18- We’ll find out what the Knicks are made of soon. Their next nine games are Boston, Dallas, Spurs, Bucks, Sixers, Bulls, Trailblazers, and the Pacers twice.

18. Boston Celtics 15-17- Pierce was just as awful in the All-Star Game as his team has been in their past five games.

19.  Utah Jazz 15-17- The Jazz wish this month would just end, 3-10 so far with two more games left.

20.  Cleveland Cavs 13-18- Kyrie Irving was fabulous in the Rising Stars game and Cavs fans are excited about his future.

21. Golden State Warriors 13-17- Warriors have some very impressive wins at home, Miami, Chicago and the Clippers.

22. Phoenix Suns 14-20- It’s getting a point where it might wise to move Steve Nash.

23. Milwaukee Bucks 13-20- Have fallen off the map, losing six out of seven, still only 2 and half games back of a playoff spot.

24. Detroit Pistons 11-24- Their record is poor, but they’ve had a winning month with two games left.

25.  Sacramento Kings 11-22- One would think the big win over the Thunder would be a turning point…nope. They’ve won one game since.

26. Toronto Raptors 10-23- Not a great year for the Toronto sports fans, at least they have Jose Bautista.

27. New Jersey Nets 10-25- Unless Williams and Lopez make magic, Williams could be out the door in the summer.

28.  New Orleans Hornets 8-25- The Chris Kaman will be in full force now as we get closer to the All-Star Break.

29.  Washington Wizards 7-26- Well, At least the Nationals will be decent.

30. Charlotte Bobcats 4-28- They can’t score.  86 points per game won’t get the job done.


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