Philly Spotlight Q&A with Marc Farzetta

Marc Farzetta, Host/Update Anchor at Sportsradio 94WIP in Philadelphia, was kind enough to join the Sports With Balls team for a quick Q&A session.

The Phillies are down in Clearwater preparing for another season, the Flyers and Sixers  are inching closer to the postseason, and the Eagles are getting ready for a big off-season.

Marc provides some insight into the current events in Philly sports.

Sports with Balls question in italics.

Marc’s response in bold.

Do you believe DeSean Jackson will be back with the Eagles next season?
Yes, he will be back. This is a Super Bowl or Bust year (to use an overused phrase!). No
Super Bowl Appearance and Andy Reid will not return for a 15th Season as the Eagles Head
Coach. DeSean and Michael Vick already have the chemistry built. DeSean will be tagged
and kept because Reid won’t want to risk someone coming in and being a bust. I would love
to see the Eagles sign him to a 3-year 27 Million dollar deal, but doubt that would happen.

DeSean Jackson - back for 2012?

Who is the top team in Philadelphia right now? Eagles? Phillies? Flyers? Sixers?
No question about it: Phillies. They have given the fans the parade and not acted the least bit arrogant about it. The Eagles? No parade, but still a healthy helping of arrogance. Flyers and Sixers need some major changes to compete with either.

Phillies won the hearts of Philadelphia with the '08 parade

Who do you think is Philadelphia’s favorite current athlete?
Tough one, Doc? Cliff? Chase? Ryan? Thadd? Jrue? McCoy? Giroux? Bryz? (Just kidding  with Bryz.) I would say right now Philly’s fav is Doc Halladay because he works like the fans would if they had his talent.

Halladay has been sensational in his 2-year stay in Philly

How would you rank the current coaches in Philadelphia? They certainly have all had
some ups and downs over the course of their careers.
1. Peter Laviolette: Won a Cup (Carolina 05-06), great getting the most out of his players.
2. Charlie Manuel: Got the Ring. 5 NL East titles, not too bad. His loyalty and poor tactical
moves have him as #2
3. Doug Collins: By far the best Teacher in the City.
4. Andy Reid: Lack of game day adjustments and too many “close but no cigar moments.” At
periods where he needs to excel, he has come up small.

The Flyers are primed for a 3rd consecutive playoff run under Laviolette

With Bryzgalov struggling, is he in line for a spot as the worst free agent signing in
Philadelphia sports history?
He is in heavy competition with another Flyers blunder in Chris Gratton, but 9 years 51 Million could very well be damning!!!!!

Rough start to a 9-year deal for Iyla Bryzgalov

With the Sixers struggling to score and get to the foul line, do you feel a trade
necessary to win the division?
No I don’t think they need to trade to win the Division, but to win a Ring? Yes, a few trades.
To win the division, they just need a healthy Spencer Hawes. He opens up a different style
of play for the team. Almost a Triangle Offense. I do think if he doesn’t make it back for the
season, Nik Vucevic can take over this role in time.

Is Spencer Hawes health the key to a division title?

Who are the top 5 players in Philadelphia right now?
1. Claude Giroux…Playing right NOW with consistent production, one of the best in his sport.
2. Roy Halladay…reason being: he’s Roy “Figgin” Halladay.
3. Cole Hamels…Ever improving, has really grown up into a Horse…Got the Ring, and MVPs
4. Lesean McCoy…20 TD’s…I think he still has a better season in him.
5. DeSean Jackson…Eagles are a threat to score anywhere on the field, because of him

Claude Giroux has developed into one of Philadelphia's finest

What is the biggest key for the Phillies to return to the World Series?

Easy one. It’s cliché, but its true…Health…A potential MVP is out for at least a month in Ryan
Howard. Chase Utley is coming off an injury-laden season. Placido Polanco had 2 off-season
surgeries, and he’s going to be 36 this year. With a Healthy line-up and 5-months of Pence
backing up Howard in the line-up, the 1 year-old 102-win franchise mark may only last 1 year.

Ryan Howard following the final out of 2011

What kind of production will the Phillies get from Chase Utley in 2012?
I’m expecting these numbers from Chase:
.280Ave 20Hr’s 90RBI’s 140GP

The hard-nosed play of Chase Utley has taken a toll in recent years

Over/Under 95.5 wins for the Phillies?

Over/Under 1.5 parades in the next five years (4 major sports)?

If someone is visiting from outside of Philadelphia and they want a cheesesteak.  Where do you send them to and why?

Tony Lukes is by FAR the best! Best Meat, Best Cheese (Sharp Provolone), Best bread. That is what I recommend to people. That’s what I get and sometimes i treat myself with a fine Bell Pepper!

Archbishop Wood Vikings Football, PA State Champs. Your thoughts?
Hahaha! They got a lot better once I stopped playing for them. Couldn’t be more proud of the school! It’s a great accomplishment especially with so many local schools being threatened with closings.

Archbishop Wood High School - 2011 PIAA AAA State Champions

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3 thoughts on “Philly Spotlight Q&A with Marc Farzetta

  1. Agree with everything except Tony Lukes. Lol

  2. The picture of Philly actually makes it look nice……I guess there are a few nice areas in that shit hole of a city

  3. I enjoyed Philly when I visited. To each their own.

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