Chase Utley is out until….?

According to multiple reports, Chase Utley has left Spring Training to see a doctor for his troubling knees. He hasn’t played in any Spring Training games and will likely begin the year on the disabled list. Rookie Freddy Galvis, who was supposed to begin the year in the minors, is probably going to be your starting second baseman on Opening Day against the Pirates. Many scouts feel that Galvis is a major-league ready shortstop defensively, but many questions still remain about his offense.  All during Spring Training even when Utley didn’t play, GM Ruben Amaro expected Utley to be ready for the season and now that’s doubtful.  The Phillies will begin the season with Chase Utley and Ryan Howard on the DL, so just how much will the offense struggle? 

My take: This is tough to swallow, but it seems like Chase Utley’s knees will prevent him from being the great player he once was. I wish Charlie would have sat him more often,  but there’s nothing you can do now. Hopefully when Howard and Utley do eventually return, Charlie is much smarter when giving the veterans more rest days. I’m not doom and gloom with this season though.  The fact of the matter is this team was second in the National League in runs scored after the All-Star Break.  The pitching staff will keep this team afloat until Howard gets back and they’ll still win their 6th NL East title in a row.


One thought on “Chase Utley is out until….?

  1. Utley was a great player but his knees are shot. Its sad to see such a great player end his career in this fashion

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