NBA Power Rankings

1. Chicago Bulls 38-10- Who needs Derrick Rose?  The Bulls are 9-4 in his absence.

2.  Miami Heat 33-11- Not a great road trip, Lost two in a row and almost blew a 27 point lead against Philadelphia.

3. Oklahoma City Thunder 34-11- Simply average since the All-Star break with a 6-4 record.

4. San Antonio Spurs 29-14- Is Stephen Jackson better than Richard Jefferson at this point? Probably, but that’s a lot of jumpers to take away from Manu and company.

5. Los Angeles Lakers 28-17- Won five in a row before losing to Utah. It’s not the Clippers’ town just yet.

6. Orlando Magic 29-17- Dwight stays!!!! They’re playing really well despite Howard’s staying or going saga.  Can they make a run?

7. Los Angeles Clippers 26-18- Things haven’t been the same since Billups got hurt.

8. Memphis Grizzlies 25-18-  It’s been a struggle for the Grizz lately. Two overtime losses to the Lakers and Raptors (yuck), and a 5 point win against the lowly Wizards.

9. Dallas Mavericks 26-20- According to Marc Stein of ESPN, the Mavericks have lost nine straight road games, the most since 1999.  Their next five out of seven games are on the road.

10. Atlanta Hawks 26-19- Josh Smith is a weird dude.

11.  Indiana Pacers 25-18- Have gone 2-6 in their last 8 since beating New Orleans.

12. Denver Nuggets 25-20- Odd part of the schedule has them playing a nine game home trip. Currently, they are 4-3 on that trip.

13. Philadelphia 76ers 25-20- Evan Turner has been going crazy since inserted into the starting lineup.

14. Houston Rockets 24-22- Currently the 8th seed in the Western Conference, but one of six teams within 4 games of the final spot.

15. Boston Celtics 23-21- 25 point loss to Sacramento Kings? Yuck?

16. Phoenix Suns 23-22- Steve Nash should get MVP votes for getting this team over .500.

17. Utah Jazz 23-22- Have won four out of five to get within a half game of the 8th spot.

18. New York Knicks 21-24- Three wins for Mike Woodson, how long until he and Carmelo clash?  (low blow I know)

19.  Portland Trail Blazers 21-24- Their tailspin gets Nate McMillian fired.

20. Minnesota Timberwolves 22-24- 1-4 since Ricky Rubio tore his ACL.

21. Milwaukee Bucks 20-24- Have won five in a row. If Jennings and Monta are shooting well, they can scare a #1 seed.

22. Golden State Warriors 18-24- They finally get a center, too bad he’s always hurt.

23. Cleveland Caviliers 16-26- Have lost three in a row including a loss to Toronto.

24. Detroit Pistons 16-29- Greg Monroe is 4th in center scoring and 5th in center rebounding.  He’s 21.

25. Sacramento Kings 16-29- They are beyond repair until they start to play any defense.

26. Toronto Raptors 15-30- Nice win over Memphis…..yeah, that’s about it.

27. New Jersey Nets 15-31- Now that Dwight is staying Orlando, Deron Williams will certainly leave.

28. New Orleans Hornets 11-34- Last Monday, they lost to the Charlotte Bobcats 73-71. That might have been the worst NBA game of the year.

29. Washington Wizards 10-34- Remember when they beat the Lakers? They’ve won one time since.

30. Charlotte Bobcats 7-36- They still stink.


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