Opening Day Arrives

The 2012 MLB season may have begun a week ago in Japan, but baseball has always been one of America’s past times and and a new season is finally underway on our soil.

Baseball season begins in Japan

Opening day of baseball always brings a sense optimism to teams & fans across America.  All 30 teams have dreams of success for the new year as goals are set, some higher than others. Opening day means spring has sprung, the relaxation of of summer is near.  Fathers & sons, mothers & daughters, brothers & sisters bond together at the ballpark or in front of the television as they dream big at success of the franchise they root for together.  Cutting school, eating hot dogs, and watching baseball are some of the things that make up the fondest memories of our lives.

It is one of the truly great days of the year. So watch. Enjoy. Bond. Because baseball season has arrived.

“Sports with Balls” 2012 MLB Preview


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