4/18 Running Thoughts

Warren Croxton and his running thoughts while watching 3 Philadelphia teams in action.

7:00- So with three Philadelphia sports teams in action, I thought it would be cool to write down everything I thought during the games. Mostly going to be Flyers and Phillies, but with some Sixers thoughts.

7:03- Marc Zumoff said Cleveland is a nice place to play. I completely disagree.  It was an awful place to visit.

7:08- Random MLB thought- the Blue Jays uniforms are awesome.

7:09- Mike Sweeney on my screen! He’s the man! Hugs for everyone.

7:11- My girlfriend is already bored.

7:12- Brand with a turnaround jumper for the first basket.  Brand has been the Sixers’ MVP in the second half, not that is saying much. I’ll be sad to see them amnesty him.  They’re going to amnesty him right??

7:15- Anthony Parker was one of the all-time great Sixers.

7:23- Iggy on fire from 3. I actually like his development from the 3 point line this year.

7:29- Brand and Iggy have 17 of the Sixers’ 20 points. Great start offensively for the good guys. Iguodala had a season high 23 points against Orlando last night.

7:31- You know how I know your team stinks? Your team gives Luke Walton minutes in the first quarter.

7:34- The Sixers lead the Cavs 28-22 after the one. Sixers shot over 60 percent in the first quarter.  Nice start.   Also, this will likely be my last thought on the Sixers for a while.

7:36- Juan Pierre leading off for the Phillies. He has no walks on the year which is exactly what you want out of your leadoff hitter.

7:37- Twins 4, Yankees 3 in the first inning. Haha

7:37- Breaking news: The Red Sox have held the Rangers scoreless through 2 innings.

7:40- The starting goaltenders for this game…One has a GAA over 6; the other has one close to 4. If the Flyers hang on to win the series, Bryz can’t have a GAA close to 4.

7:42- Giroux makes it 1-0 on a power play goal.  This power play has been incredible.

7:44- Boy, Malkin can be a real idiot sometimes.

7:46- We don’t like you chant coming from the Philadelphia faithful. Just another reason to love this city.

7:47- Bryz can’t get control of the rebound and Malkin scores.  Ughhhhh Bryz.  Malkin’s first goal of the series.

7:51- Dupris’ slapper is saved by Bryz, but he has trouble keeping hold of a rebound attempt.   Dude needs to stop that.

7:52- Iggy with the steal and slam. He’s been doing it all year. The most underrated athlete in the city.

7:54- Another huge rebound for the Penguins as they are on the power play.

7:55- Niskanen scores on the power play as Bryz is too slow to react.  Let the seesaw begin.

7:59- Rinaldo actually created a scoring chance. Crazy. He still stinks.

8:04- Dumb Rinaldo penalty gives Pittsburgh another power play. Bryz makes a nice snag with no rebound.

8:08- 4 on 3 power play for the Flyers…great time to equalize

8:11- Timonen ties it at 2-2 on a two man advantage. Refs are calling everything.

8:13- 48 seconds later, JAKUB on the power play. This is just getting crazy. 5 goals in the first period.

8:17- Looks like a good goal. 3-3. A big stop anyone?

8:20- No stop. 4-3 Penguins. Flyers defense was awful in front of Bryz.

8:25- 1st period finally ends with Pittsburgh leads 4-3.  Matt Carle takes a dumb penalty to end the period. Penguins get a power play to start the 2nd.

8:33- Iggy has 17,9, and 5 with 4:37 left in the 3rd quarter. Nice two game stretch for him,

8:34- Jrue’s back to back 3s gives the Sixers a 13 point lead. Hopefully that puts the Cavs to sleep for the night.

8:36- Jrue’s 5 for 5 from 3.  Incredible run he’s on.

8:37- Jrue has 16 in the 3rd as the Sixers are on a 17-0 run. Up 20. This is getting out of hand quick.

8:43- 19 point quarter for Jrue as the Sixers are up 18 after 3. Wow. By the way, Malik Rose is the man.

8:46- Breaking news: No goals in the first 2:21 of the period.

8:47- Penguins back on the power play as Giroux gets called for a high stick. Good call. The refs are calling everything.

8:48- Bryz is too slow to react, Letang scores to make it 5-3.  Bryz is pulled for Bob. This is dumb.

8:52- Grossmann goes to box now for tripping. I would say 6-3 is out of hand, but we know that’s not true.

8:56-  Jim Jackson calls Jordan Staal Eric as he makes it 6-3.

8:57- Iggy has 19 and 13 as the Sixers’ lead balloons to 26. Thanks for playing Cavs. At one point, it was tied at 53.

8:58- Another penalty for the Flyers. Stupidity indeed.

9:02- Deep discussion on twitter between Mike O, Bill, Jorge and myself about green grapes.

9:05- Wizards beating the Bucks in the 4th quarter. With the loss and Sixers win, the Sixers go 2.5 games up with 4 to play. Also, Penguins on the power play again.

9:08- Steelers tack on the extra point to make it 7-3.

9:09- Flyers were about to go on the power play, but the Flyers send an extra guy on the ice before Bob got to the bench. 4 on 4 action now.

9:11- Sixers win 103-87. Iggy 19,13, and 7. Jrue with 24 points.  Sixers hold a team under 50 percent for the first time in what seems like forever.

9:14- Fleury makes a big stop on Giroux.  Penguins score again on the Coburn turnover. Brutal.

9:19- Staal makes it a hat trick. All you can do is laugh.

9:21- Rinaldo thrown out for being dumb. He stinks.

9:27- 9-3 after 2 periods. At least the Phillies start 45 minutes.

9:33- I have a 6:40 AM flight to North Carolina. I haven’t packed yet.

9:50- 10-3. Extra point is good.

9:51- Bylsma calls timeout up 7. Uh. Okay.

9:53- All of the sudden Fleury makes big stops.

10:00- Getting chippy out there, Simmonds and Cooke not on the best terms.

10:05- getting reports on twitter of the crowd leaving. That’s a lot of money to ditch.  Tickets on Stubhub were going 250 bucks.

10:12- Rangers and Sens going into OT. The score is 2-2, well that’s boring.

10:13- Jim Jackson said maybe one of the goalies in this series will step up like Lundquist in Game 3. HAHA fat chance that happens.

10:15- the Flyers and Penguins 45 goals through 4 games is the most in postseason history.

10:17- Preseason feel to end the game. Most of the crowd has left.

10:20- Hartnell’s 30th birthday is a disaster. 10-3 final.

10:35- Remember Cliff Lee’s first start as a Phillie in A and T Park? Good time

10:36- Nice pitch selection by Lee and Ruiz on Posey.

10:38- Filthy changeup to Theriot for the strikeout.

10:43- HK.

10:46- Pierre leaves another runner in scoring position.

10:55- Looks like Cain and Lee are on top of their game.

10:56- That Pence shot looked like a home run off the bat.

11:03- Posey grounds into a 3-6-3 double play. This game might end at midnight.

11:04- 14th in the league in runs, but 3rd in hits.  Singles machine=Phillies’ offense

11:05- Laynce Nix stinks.

11:10- I was kidding when I said this game would end at midnight.

11:17- Rollins getting worn out with three straight balls hit his way.

11:21- The Giants’ mascot is a seal? Haha

11:24- The Penguins and Flyers are laughing at this game.

11:26- Cain hits a fly ball into Triples Alley and Victorino has to make a shoe string catch. *Wipes Brow*

11:29- Through six innings, both these offenses stink.

11:33- Wheels was actually funny when he called Sandoval a queen sized bed.

11:40- Through 7.  Cain has thrown 72 pitches, Lee 71 pitches.

11:45- Phillies go 1,2,3 in the 8th on 8 pitches.  Truly embarrassing.  This team can’t buy a walk to save their lives.

11:50- This is hilarious. 79 pitches for Cain, 80 for Lee through 8.

11:53- Fascinating stuff when Wheels and TMac talk seagulls.

11:57- We head to the 9th. Phillies and Giants show no signs of scoring.

11:59- Cain done after 9. 91 pitches.

12:00- Nix boots it. He still stinks.

12:03- Lee bails out Nix by getting Pagan to ground into a double play. What a boss.

12:05- Sandoval flies out to end the inning. Lee should go out there for the 10th. No question.

12:12- Hunter Pence has the most awkward slide into second base. Nix gets thrown out as Theriot bobbles the ball and flips it to first. Boy, Nix stinks.

12:16- Lee just threw his 19th ball of the game….It’s the 10th inning folks. Incredible.

12:19- Wigginton has zero range. Nada, nothing, none. Awful at third. Galvis beats the runner to the bag. What a play.

12:22 CHOOOOOOOCH doubles to lead off the inning. Get him home!!!!!

12:25- Thome pinch hits for Lee, Giants counter with a lefty out of the bullpen. Have to bring up Mayberry here.

12:30- Charlie doesn’t pinch hit for Thome. Thome looks awful and Ks. Charlie’s decision making has been brutal this year.

12:35- Mayberry grounds out. Charlie blew it.

12:42- Wigginton bobbles a ground ball. Winning run on 2nd with one out. Just brutal defense by him and Nix tonight.

12:45- Cabrera singles to right. Game over. This offense is brutal. Charlie blew it. Wiggington and Nix are awful defensively. There’s your recap. Good night.


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  1. good for you for hanging in there warren

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