Humber Is Perfect

Philip Humber became the 21st pitcher to thrown a perfect game in major league history. Humber baffled the Mariners all afternoon, striking out 9 batters on only 96 pitches. He is the third White Sox and first player since Roy Halladay to complete the perfect game. This was third time the Mariners have been on the wrong end of a perfect game, the last being Dwight Gooden with the Yankees in 1996. Prior to pitching his way into the history books, Humber’s biggest claim to fame was his inclusion in the 2008 trade that sent Johan Santana from Minnesota to the New York Mets.  Humber pitched in 5 games with the Mets in 2006-2007 prior to being dealt.  The line of former Mets to toss no-hitters has climbed by one as the organization continues to look for their first.

A look inside Humber’s masterpiece:



Philip Humber career profile & statistics

Humber was the 21st pitcher to be perfect.

Humber's reacts in disbelief to striking out Brendan Ryan.

Humber shows his appreciation to the Mariner faithful.

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