Bobcats Suck

The Charlotte Bobcats wrapped up their 2011-2012 campaign with a stunning 23-game losing streak.  Yikes! Tough times in Charlotte.  Needless to say the Bobcats were not and are not very good.  They finished the lockout shortened 66-game season with a record of  7-59, good for a .106 winning percentage.  Sounds low?  Well you are on to something because the season finale loss to the Knicks clinched the Bobcats the lowest winning percentage in regular season league history.  Charlotte beat out the 1972-1973 Philadelphia 76ers who finished with a winning percentage .110 (9-73).  Now some people may argue that the Bobcats poor season isn’t the leagues worst as they didn’t play a full schedule.  But the numbers don’t lie and the Charlotte Bobcats sucked in 2011-2012 and likely for the foreseeable franchise. So which team do think had the worst season in the leagues history?

Poor bastards bought tickets before the season started.

2011-2012 Bobcats results

2011-2012 Bobcats statistics

2011-2012 NBA Standings

1972-1973 Sixers information

Not much went right in Charlotte this season.

Clearly a better product then the players on the court.


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