NBA Playoffs Arrive


2011-2012 NBA season spent much of the offseason in doubt.  While the lockout lingered fans were left to wonder whether the season would ever get off the ground.  On December 8th basketball fans received an early holiday gift  as both the owners and players ratified a new 10-year collective bargaining agreement, enabling training camps and the free agency period for the 2011-12 season to begin on Friday, December 9th. The agreement officially ended the 161-day lockout and regular season play began on Christmas day.  Teams were able to fulfill a 66-game season, a total that didn’t look possible only weeks earlier.  As with any major sports season there were thrill and chills, pleasant surprises and major disappointments.  Injuries derailed some while new stars were born and history was made.  The long 66-game regular season has concluded.  The playoffs are here.  16 teams remain with one goal in mind, the opportunity to bring home a championship, a chance to play on the national stage and make a name for one’s self on the sports biggest stage.

2012 NBA Playoff Schedule

2012 NBA Playoff Bracket

Sports with Balls – 2012 NBA Playoff Preview & Predictions

It’s time to win or go home…..the 2012 NBA Playoffs have arrived!


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