Suggs suffers serious injury?

Ravens All-Pro RE/OLB Terrell Suggs has sustained a serious Achilles injury according to multiple reports. The extent of the damage to the Achilles is not yet known.  Should there be a full tear Suggs would be out for the entire 2012 season, if the tear is partial it is possible that Suggs could find himself back on the field at some point this season.  Regardless of the injuries severity this could prove to be a major blow to the Ravens defense as Suggs was named the 2011 NFL defensive player of the year.  The Ravens are expected to compete with Pittsburgh yet again for the NFC North Divisions title with hopes of a potential Super Bowl appearance.


While details of the severity of the injury remains a mystery, the cause of the injury also alludes the public.  It remains unclear as to whether the injury occurred during a conditioning test or a game of basketball.  Regardless this is brutal news for Ravens faithful.  More information should become available in the upcoming days.


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