Is the Rivera Injury end of an era?

Yankee closer Mariano Rivera tore his ACL in batting practice earlier today, leaving people to wonder if it’s the last they will see of him.  Rivera  is first all time in saves and games finished with a sparkling 2.21 career ERA.   Mo was even better in the postseason with a .70 career ERA. Last season, even at the age of 41, he was as good as ever with a 1.91 ERA and 44 saves. Mariano was asked after the Yankees game tonight if he was going to ever pitch again and while holding back tears, said “I don’t know.”  There were questions  whether Rivera would retire at the end of the season with his contract up. As a person who grew up hating the Yankees, Mo was always someone you had to respect.  He won with class and was simply the best ever.  I, along with every other baseball fan, hope Mariano can come back and perform at least one more year.

Mariano’s stats


One thought on “Is the Rivera Injury end of an era?

  1. yankees got what they deserved. hope they miss the playoffs. go orioles.

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