Mr. Met Most Popular Sports Mascot

Forbes magazine has published their list of the 10 most popular mascots in professional sports. In recent years the Phillie Phanatic has come up on top of the list, but he has now been surpassed by none other than Mr. Met.

Most popular mascot. Really?

While this isn’t a list of the best mascots, I still find it hard to believe that Mr. Met is the most popular mascot. Of course the amount of negative attention received by the Mets organization in recent years may have played a role in Mr. Met’s growing popularity.  A big-headed bozo is an easy target.

Sports with Balls Show – Mr. Met Sucks Edition 05/03 Blog Talk Radio.

Forbes article on America’s favorite mascot

Forbes top 10 mascot gallery

Phillie Phanatic / Mr. Met, who is your favorite?

In A World of Mascots, Who Reigns Supreme?


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