Hamilton Goes Yard FOUR Times!!!!

I guess you could say Josh Hamilton is the anti Albert Pujols. Hamilton hit not one, not two, not three but FOUR balls out of Camden Yards Tuesday night in a 10-3 Rangers win. He is hitting .406 with 14 homers and 36 runs batted in and the Rangers are now 20-10 atop the AL West.  It is the 16th time in Major League history that a player has hit four homers in a game and the first since Carlos Delgado in 2003 against Tampa Bay. Hamilton has compiled 132 career homers over 7 seasons.

Josh Hamilton – Career Statistics

Hamilton left Camden Yard’s four times.

Texas 10, Baltimore 3 – Boxscore

It is unfortunate that only a little over 11 thousand fans had the opportunity to witness a historic game by Hamilton. The Orioles continue to draw poorly despite playing well.

Orioles fans didn’t enjoy the Hamilton homer party.

VIDEO LINK: Hamilton ties a Major League record with 4 home runs

Delgado was the last to hit four homers on September 25, 2003 against Tampa Bay.


One thought on “Hamilton Goes Yard FOUR Times!!!!

  1. good post. too bad hamilton is on something.

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