Support Minor League Baseball

There aren’t many things I’d rather do with my time then relax at a baseball game.  With spring in full swing, the season is now more then a month into its journey.  While MLB draws the crowds and attention, we should keep in mind that there is always another option. Minor league baseball offers family fun for a fraction of the cost of a major league baseball game.  Last Thursday I decided to attend a Trenton Thunder game which offered low cost, high quality tickets along with food specials.  Does it offer the passion of my local favorite big league team the Phillies?  No.  But you can still relax with your friends while watching professional baseball and your wallet won’t take a major hit either.


Mercer County Water Front Park, home of the Trenton Thunder


Red Sox vs. Yankees, minor league style


Delaware River sunset


Big league food selection, minor league prices


Just a few rows from the field at an affordable price


Thunder win!


2 thoughts on “Support Minor League Baseball

  1. minor league baseball is a waste of money.

  2. Looks like a nice ballpark.

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