Baseball’s Top Paid in 2012

If you want to retain a franchise type player, you need to pay up.  As  you’ll see on the list below it doesn’t necessarily always work out.

$29 million for Alex Rodriguez in 2012

Top 25 – 2012 player salaries
No.          Player/Team – Salary
1.      3B Alex Rodriguez, Yankees – $29,000,000
2.      SP Johan Santana, Mets –$24,000,000
3.      C Joe Mauer, Twins – $23,000,000
(tie) 1B Prince Fielder, Tigers – $23,000,000
(tie)  SP CC Sabathia, Yankees – $23,000,000
6.      1B Mark Teixeira, Yankees – $22,500,000
7.      SP Cliff Lee, Phillies – $21,500,000
8.      1B Miguel Cabrera, Tigers – $21,000,000
(tie)  1B Adrian Gonzalez, Red Sox – $21,000,000
(tie)  OF Vernon Wells, Angels – $21,000,000
11.     SP Roy Halladay, Phillies – $20,000,000
(tie). SP Justin Verlander, Tigers – $20,000,000
(tie)  1B Ryan Howard, Phillies – $20,000,000
14.    1B Carl Crawford, Red Sox – $19,500,000
15.    SP Barry Zito, Giants – $19,000,000
16.    SP Felix Hernandez, Mariners – $18,500,000
17.    OF Carlos Lee, Astros – $18,500,000
18.    OF Alfonso Soriano, Cubs – $18,000,000
(tie)  SP Tim Lincecum, Giants – $18,000,000
(tie)  OF Torii Hunter, Angels – $18,000,000
(tie)  SP Carlos Zambrano, Marlins – $18,000,000
22.    OF Ichiro Suzuki, Mariners – $17,000,000
(tie)  SP Jake Peavy, White Sox – $17,000,000
(tie)  OF Matt Holliday, Cardinals – $17,000,000
25.    SP A.J. Burnett, Pirates – $16,500,000


As you likely noticed there are a good number of aging overpaid players on the above list.

Ryan Howard & Carl Crawford have not played a single game in 2012.

Vernon Wells, Barry Zito, Carlos Lee, Alfonso Soriano, Torii Hunter, Carlos Zambrano and A.J. Burnett are no longer among the games 150 best players.

Johan Santana & Joe Mauer are returning from significant time missed in 2011.

Barry Zito’s contract has been considered one of the worst in baseball history


Several teams will have very significant decisions to make following the 2012 campaign. Josh Hamilton of the Texas Rangers and Cole Hamels of the Philadelphia Phillies have blossomed into superstars.  They are enjoying successful contract years and will demand monster deals when hitting the free agent market. While fans in Philadelphia and Dallas want to see these players retained, management will have difficult decisions as a 7+ year contract pushing nearly $30 million per year could handicap a franchise for years into the future.  This is going to make for a very interesting offseason.

Cole Hamels will be the premiere pitcher available via free agency in 2013



2 thoughts on “Baseball’s Top Paid in 2012

  1. Barry Zito should be locked in prison

  2. Zito has been stealing money for years.

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