NBA All Rookie and Defensive Teams

2012 NBA Rookie Team

Kyrie Irving, PG Cleveland Cavaliers (18.5 PPG, 5 APG, 4RPG)

Ricky Rubio, PG Minnesota Timberwolves (11 PPG, 8 APG, 4RPG)

Kenneth Faried, PF Denver Nuggets (10 PPG, 8 RPG)

Klay Thompson, SG Golden State Warriors (12.5 PPG, 2 APG)

Iman Shumpert, PG New York Knicks (9.5 PPG, 3 APG, 3 RPG)

Kawhi Leonard, SF San Antonio Spurs (8 PPG, 5 RPG)

Brandon Knight, PG Detroit Pistons (13 PPG, 4 APG, 3 RPG)

2012 Defensive Team

PG: Chris Paul, LA Clippers (3.5 RPG, 2.5 SPG)

SG: Tony Allen, Memphis Grizzlies (4 RPG, 2 SPG)

SF: LeBron James, Miami Heat (8 RPG, 2 SPG)

PF: Serge Ibaka, Oklahoma City Thunder (7.5 RPG, 4 BPG)

C: Dwight Howard, Orlando Magic (14.5 RPG, 2 BPG, 1.5 SPG)


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