Eastern Conference Finals Preview and Predictions

The Heat took game one of this series 93-79, behind 32 points from the MVP LeBron James. The Celtics will have trouble in this series due to the fact that their older legs are tired after being challenged by the younger Hawks and Sixers in long series. Boston will have the inside advantage in this series if Chris Bosh misses most of this series, because Kevin Garnett has found the fountain of youth this postseason. Mario Chalmers will have his hands full with Rondo and his ability to control the game and Ray Allen or Mickael Pietrus will have to try to slow Dwyayne Wade all series, which is practically impossible. The speed and youth of the Heat will be too much for the old, tired legs of the Celtics.

Heat in 6

Warren: Heat in 5

Matt: Heat in 5

LeBron made a statement scoring 32 points in a Game 1 Heat win on Monday.

If Bosh misses a good amount of time, Garnett will be able to get a ton of good looks for the Celtics.

Ray Allen will need plenty of help to slow down Wade this series.


2 thoughts on “Eastern Conference Finals Preview and Predictions

  1. The Heat will take it, but hope Boston can make it competetive!

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