Life as a Minor League Intern


Apologies to the thousands of readers who read the Sports With  Balls blog.  For the baseball season, I received an internship with the Camden Riversharks of the Atlantic League which is not affiliated with Major League Baseball.  The best way to describe the play of the Atlantic League is it’s a cross between AA-AAA ball.   I’m a Baseball Operations Intern for the Riversharks which is basically an intern for the manager of the club.  It’s been a fun experience, but my experiences last Friday and Saturday were definitely worthy of a blog post.

Friday started like any other day/night doubleheader for the Camden Riversharks.  The Riversharks won the first game 8-6 as Marquez Smith (More on him later in the post) and Eduardo Perez each had three hits.  Jason Bergmann, the former National, picked up a save.

Anybody who knows me knows that baseball is my favorite.  However, despite baseball being my favorite, I’ve never pulled a tarp in my life as it’s always escaped me for whatever reason. That changed Friday night as in the top of the fifth inning, the heavy rains came and delayed the game for an hour and 12 minutes.  I didn’t help the staff pull the tarp on the field when the rain started to really pick up and I felt really bad about it. So when the rain slowed down and the tarp needed to be pulled off the field, I volunteered to help.(It’s an unwritten rule in minor league baseball that everyone has to help and I broke it.) So for the first time in my life, I helped pull a tarp off the field and it was actually fun.  It’s very good excercise because you have to keep going back and forth, pulling the tarp until its off the field and then roll it up.  I stuck around until after the game which the Riversharks won to help pull the tarp on the field again.  Of course, it started to downpour, but the experience was a lot of fun regardless.

Saturday was also another interesting day as the XTU concert was going on at the same time of the Riversharks game. Me, being a smart person, took the train into Camden and walked to the game. While walking to the game, I noticed that traffic in the city was at a standstill. Not a single car was moving so obviously I made the right call.  With the traffic being an issue, several players were running late. Our manager, Jeff Scott, actually made two lineup cards because our starting DH, Marquez Smith was stuck in traffic.  I actually mentioned to Jeff that I could meet with Marquez at his car and sit in traffic  while he could walk to the ballpark. Considering Marquez was hitting .385 at the time,  Jeff was very fond of the idea.  I walked to Marquez’s car which wasn’t too far from the ballpark and he was very thankful for what I was doing.  The next issue that came up was the fact that he had a big Blue Tahoe, something I’ve never driven before.  It took me a few minutes to figured out how to drive it, but I managed to get through traffic with the help with some Apex workers.  Parking Marquez’s Tahoe was also an experience because I’ve never driven anything that high off the ground, but I managed to park it in between the lines. The Riversharks lost the game, but it was definitely an interesting day being an intern.

Things to learn from those 27 hours:

1. If you work for a minor league team, always help with the tarp.

2. Pulling a tarp is actually fun.

3. Do not schedule a game when a XTU concert is in town.

4. If your starting third baseman is hitting .385, you get him to the game at all cost.

5. 7 games in 7 days is a definite workload.


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