Positive test costs Phils’ Galvis 50 games | MLB.com: News


Positive test costs Phils’ Galvis 50 games | MLB.com: News.


The 2012 Phillies season has been nothing short of the franchises worst nightmare.  Nothing has gone well.  Injuries along with awful play and poor off-season decisions have resulted in a 31-37 record good for last place in NL East play. It wasn’t long ago the Phillies were considered among the favorite in the majors to capture a World Series title but with the way the regular season has played out, fans are just keeping their fingers crossed that perhaps they can catch fire and grab a wild card spot. I don’t need to point out all the issues that the Phils have been faced with during the course of the season so I’ll just make mention that Freddy Galvis’ early play had been one of the few bright spots.  Does this 50-game suspension really matter?  On the field it won’t as he was already placed on the disabled list with a back fracture and was expected to miss more than 50 games anyway.  But this is places a cloud over a young player as well as the organization, it’s an added pressure to Galvis as a hitter in the future.  It’s really just is a microcosm of the 2012 Philadelphia Phillies; anytime a bright spot emerges, something else arises to bring it down.


Freddy Galvis career statistics



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