Live Blogging Phillies, Pirates

He's back!

Chase Utley is back and I haven’t posted a lot so here’s a chance for an article.

7:10- Valdes goes 1,2,3 inning. Utley makes the final out and TMac makes it awkward.

7:12- James McDonald pitching for the Pirates. He’s been incredible this year. He has the lowest ERA in baseball since April 19th.

7:15- Utley walks up to the plate and Twitter just exploded.

7:16- Juan Pierre almost gets picked off which would have been the biggest buzz kill ever.

7:18- Of course, Pierre is caught stealing.  Thanks for the Buzzkill.

7:19- Chase homers and social media just broke.

7:20- James McDonald has thrown three curveballs, two have been terrible and the other ended in the seats.

7:21- Chooch goes back to back. Steals Utley’s thunder.

7:27- End of 1, Phillies up 2-0. It’s a bullpen game for the Phillies as they didn’t call up a starter after the doubleheader on Sunday screwed up their plans. Kendrick goes tomorrow, Lee Friday, Hamels Saturday.

7:30- Where’s Casey McGee going?  Utley runs him down for out #1 of the 2nd inning.

7:33- Pedro Alvarez down on three straight pitches. He’s literally a Strikeout or Home Run guy.  3-9 in series with 6 strikeouts.

7:34- A.J. Burnett vs. Kyle Kendrick tomorrow. Yikes.  It would be huge for the Phillies to get tonight.

7:38- So now Michael McKendry is the greatest baseball player in the world. 3 run home run gives the Pirates a 3-2 lead.

7:38- Wheels actually makes sense, why challenge McKendry with the pitcher on deck? Dumb.

7:45- Cliff Le pinch hit for Raul Valdes and had a better at bat than Mike Fonenot.

7:48- Rollins with his second error of the series. What is going on dude?

7:50- Ryan Howard will begin rehabbing in Lakewood tomorrow. 20 days until he gets back.

7:51- Josh Harrison with a caught stealing, looked like he might have beat it though.

7:53- McCutchen lines it to center, but Victorino runs back to make a catch.   McCutchen, one of the best players in baseball,  routinely gets overshadowed playing in Pittsburgh.

7:56- Rollins goes with the pitch and singles to left. What’s gotten into him? He’s been great for the month of June.

7:57- I really hope Pierre is bunting for a base hit.  Trying to sacrifice your .317 hitter isn’t very smart.

7:58- Interesting note from TMac, Roberto Clemente is the top-selling Pirates jersey.

8:01- Utley hits one 400 feet to center. Just missed it.

8:03- Ruiz hits a liner, but right at Alvarez.  Tough luck for the Phillies that inning.

8:11- McGehee homers and then Walker double. Sure, Joe Savery isn’t very good, but Victorino didn’t help with his awful route to Walker’s double.

8:14- So now you walk McKendry?

8:17- McDonald heads to first on ball three and then swings at ball four.

8:18- Maybe Savery should go back to hitting.

8:19- This bullpen still stinks.

8:25- Wigginton doesn’t bust out the box and gets booed to end the inning. Looks like McDonald has settled in.

8:25- I would still take Wigginton at 6 million over two years than Cuddyer for 31 million over 3 years.

8:30- Joe Savery still stinks. Walk and single to start the 5th. McGehee, who also stinks and hit a home run against Savery, is up now.

8:33- Adam Dunn hit another home run. Of course I cut him on my fanasty league after his dreadful season last year.

8:35- Walker RBI single makes it 6-2.

8:36- Double switch in the 5th inning. I love bullpen games.

8:41- Schwimer can’t find the luck he had last night,  7-2 on the RBI single by Tabata.

8:41- The very next pitch, Schwimer throws it 58 feet.  Yikes.

8:42- Michael McKendry had 17 hits on the season going into this series and now has 24.

8:48- TMac just screwed up a foul call on Luna. Called it a home run when it was clearly foul.  Just brutal.

8:55- McCutchen is going to go deep here.

8:56- Of course, he strikes out.

8:56- Not too long ago, I said it would be huge if the Phillies won this game with the Burnett and Kenrick matchup tomorrow….Oops.

8:57- There’s a very strong possibility that tickets are going to be dirt cheap on Stubhub, but Kyle Kendrick might prevent me from going.

8:58- Utley had to run to foul territory to get pop up and his legs didn’t explode.  Whew.

9:03- TMac bringing up the Pirates terrible end to the season last year. Clearly, Jerry Meals’ fault.

9:06- Utley with an infield single which allows the crowd to go back to the wave.

9:07- Pence RBI double cuts it 8-3.   5 run home run will tie it up.

9:08- To whoever made up the safe and secure with New York Life drop in, I hate you so much.

9:12- At least they are getting some two out hits!   8-4.  Sarge uses the word clutch and somewhere LeBron smiles.

9:13- James McDonald is done after 5 and 2/3 innings and 4 runs. It’s shame the bullpen was terrible on a night where the offense was very good against a pitcher having a stellar season.

9:14- It’s actually the first time McDonald has given up 4 runs or more all year.

9:18- First and second with two out for Fontenot.  They should pinch hit him with Chase….oh nevermind.

9:21- Fontenot grounds back to the pitcher to end the inning.  At least it’s within a grand slam.


9:26- Blows away Alvarez on a 96 MPH fastball. That’s the stuff that makes you think he can stick.

9:28- TMac just told us for a second time that Doc threw off a flat ground.  We get it.  If there’s nothing to talk about, don’t talk for the sake of talking.

9:32- Alvarez with the bobble, gives the Phillies a lead off base runner.

9:33- Rollins triples to score Luna. Starting to show signs of a life!

9:34- Runner on third with less than two outs…He’s not scoring.

9:36- So on Sunday Charlie lets Michael Martinez bat against lefty instead of Pierre, but now he lets Pierre hit?

9:38- Pierre loses his bat, so now he’s gonna homer like Josh Hamilton right? RIGHT?

9:39- RBI single works too. Thank you Juan.

9:41- Utley singles to right, it’s now 1st and 3rd with no out for Chooch.  Let’s go, make this happen.

9:42- What’s Casey McGehee doing? Haha, he’s got to get that ball.

9:44- Tabata loses the ball in lights to make it a 1 run game.  First and second, no outs.  Not the best fielding series for Tabata.

9:44- The crazy part is the Pirates bullpen is 2nd in the league in ERA.

9:47- Hunter didn’t swing first pitch!

9:49- Hunter. Hunter. Hunter. Swings at Ball 4. Not even close.

9:53- First and Second, no outs, Strike Out, Fly Out, Strike Out.  Brutal.

9:56- Chad Qualls time.  He stinks.

10:00- Fontenot with a great play to prevent a double.

10:03- Nice catch, Hunter…….

10:04- Chad Qualls doing Chad Qualls type things…giving up runs.

10:06- Thanks for playing Chad. You’re terrible.

10:09- Starting a #thingsbetterthanchadqualls hashtag.

10:14- Wheels just said that with all the pitches Qualls has thrown, he’s probably not available tomorrow. GOOD.

10:17- Jason Grilli, who was in the Phillies system last year, pitching against the Phils now. He’s been great for the Pirates in a season and a half.

10:20- McCutchen with a great sliding grab.

10:27- Bastardo about to have a 1,2,3 inning. Him and Diekman were the only ones to do that.

10:28- Of course, Bastardo walks Pressley.  I’m a jinx.

10:31- Hanrahan in for the Pirates. I hope he’s like Papelbon in non-save situations.

10:34- Utley flies out to center.  Will finish 3-5, solid start to what hopefully is the turnaround.

10:37- Game over.  To win the series, the Phillies have to win a game with Kyle Kendrick on the mound and Chase Utley not in the lineup.  Tickets are $6.47 on Stubhub. I’m probably going to be an idiot and go.


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