Top Ten NBA Draft Finds (Since 2002)

10. Landry Fields (2010, 39th Overall by New York Knicks)

Known more for his defense, Fields has done a solid job at the shooting guard position for the Knicks. He has shot 48 percent from the field and averaged 9 points through two seasons. Fields was a member of the 2010 All Rookie Team.

Fields was on the 2010 All Rookie team.

9. Taj Gibson (2009, 26th Overall by Chicago Bulls)

In a draft where the second round did not produce much, you have to look to the 26th pick for the best find. Gibson has been mainly a bench player for the Bulls, but his rebounding ability and inside presence are key when Boozer or Noah are in foul trouble. He was a member of the 2009 All Rookie Team.

Gibson is a nice option for the Bulls when Boozer and Noah are in foul trouble.

8. Isaiah Thomas (2011, 60th Overall by Sacramento Kings)

Mr Irrelevant, the other Isaiah Thomas was a steal for the Kings. Thomas is now the starting point guard in Sacramento averaging 11.5 points and 4 assists a game.

Mr Irrelevant has found a home in Sacramento.

7. David West (2003, 18th Overall by New Orleans Hornets)

A lot like 2009, not a very deep draft. After winning Player of the Year at Xavier, West has continued to be a force in the NBA paint. A two-time All Star in New Orleans, West signed with Indiana this past season and created quite the front court with Roy Hibbert.

A two-time all-star with the Hornets, West is now controlling the paint for the Pacers.

6. Goran Dragic (2008, 45th Overall by San Antonio Spurs)

Originally drafted by the Spurs, he made his debut with the Suns as Steve Nash’s back up. After learning under Nash for 2 years, Dragic was shipped to Houston where he has gotten a lot more playing time.  Getting to start due to a Kyle Lowery injury he had a career high of 11 points and 5 assists a game last season.

After learning under Steve Nash, Dragic was able to show his ability this year in Houston.

5. Kevin Martin (2004, 26th Overall by Sacramento Kings)

An unknown out of Western Carolina, Kevin Martin has become a solid scorer in the NBA. Martin spent 5 1/2 seasons in Sacramento where he averaged 20 points a game and became noticed around the league. He then headed to Houston at the trade deadline in 2009 and has become the Rockets go to guy. He is on the verge of making his first All Star appearance.

Martin has become the Rockets go to guy and should be an All Star soon.

4. Paul Millsap (2006, 47th Overall by Utah Jazz)

Being a power forward out of Louisiana Tech, there were unfair comparisons to Karl Malone. He has turned himself into a low post threat in Salt Lake City. Millsap is averaging 12 points and 7 rebounds a game while shooting 52 percent from the field. Alongside Al Jefferson, they have become a nightmare for opponents inside.

Coming from Louisiana Tech he had unfair comparisons to Malone, but he has impressed so far.

3. Monta Ellis (2005, 40th Overall by Golden State Warriors)

Drafted right out of High School, Ellis was certainly a risky pick. He become a scoring machine in his second season, winning the 2006 Most Improved Player award. Ellis spent six and a half seasons in Golden State before being dealt to the Bucks at the deadline last year. He has averaged 19.5 points, 4.5 assists and 3 rebounds a game in his career.

Ellis was the 2006-07 NBA Most Improved Player in Golden State.

2. Luis Scola (2002, 55th Overall by San Antonio Spurs)

Another international find by the Spurs, Scola made his debut with the Rockets. Known for his extremely aggressive play, Scola is a force inside in Houston. A member of the 2007 All Rookie team, he averages 14.5 points and 8 rebounds a game.

Scola’s aggressive style wears on opponents but the Rockets love his style.

1. Marc Gasol (2007, 48th Overall by LA Lakers)

The younger brother of Pau Gasol is the best draft find since 2002. Drafted by the Lakers, Gasol made his debut for the Grizzlies and was a contributor right away. Trying to get out of his brothers shadow, he has become one of the best centers in the league. Gasol was rewarded with his first All Star appearance in 2012.

Marc has held his own in battles with his older brother Pau.


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