Live Blogging Phillies, Pirates II

So I didn’t go to the game today so I’m going to torture myself by writing down all my thoughts during a Kyle Kendrick start.

1:07- Writing a Chad Qualls DFA post.  It’s a lot of fun to write and hopefully I get to write one about Kyle Kendrick in the near future.

1:09- First two guys get on for the Pirates. Start the circus music.

1:11- Somehow McCutchen didn’t hit a ball 500 feet.

1:12- Garrett Jones, hitting .244 I might add, singles to right.  1-0 Pirates. Goodie.

1:14- I woke up my dog screaming at the TV after Kendrick gave up a home run to McGehee.  Sorry, Charlie.

1:18- Alvarez goes back to back.   Forfeit? Please?

1:18- At least Kendrick is here through next year! WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOo

1:20- Somehow McKendry, who’s the new Babe Ruth, didn’t homer off of Kendrick. 5-0 as the Phillies come to bat.

1:24- Rollins swings at a pitch at his neck to strike out.  Great start.

1:26- I feel super confident in an offense where Shane Victorino is hitting 3rd.

1:27- Pence with a runner in scoring position and 2 outs. No way that run scores.

1:28- Pence hits a 2-0 “screamer” right back to the pitcher. Threat over.

1:31- What would possess Ruben to give Kendrick a two-year deal? Was it his 4.6 strikeouts per nine? the 11 baserunners per nine? What was it exactly?

1:37- Kendrick strikes out McCutchen.  The world ends. Darren Daulton was right.

1:42- Wigginton singles off Burnett.  When Burnett is on, his stuff is one of the best in baseball. Most times, he’s not. I mean he’s the guy who threw a no-hitter with nine walks.

1:44- They keep bringing up the 2009 World Series.  Why?  Please stop.

1:45- Erik Kratz proves Burnett to be human.

1:49- So there’s a chance right? They can make a comeback? Oh no, Kendrick’s pitching.

1:53- McGehee, who stinks, pops up.  Glad Kendrick can get him out now.

1:54-  A 1, 2, 3 inning for Kyle Kendrick.   Not a typo.

1:58- Burnett has thrown 29 fastballs among his 32 pitches.

1:58- Rollins has looked terrible in his two at bats against Burnett.

2:01- Pierre singles up the middle with one out. Not going to lie, I’m surprised that Pierre has kept up this pace through June 27th.

2:03- Pierre steals another bag. Unlike previous years, he hasn’t been a liability on the base paths either.

2:03- Pence with a runner in scoring position and two out…..Ugh

2:05- Not going to rip Pence on taking that called third strike. Burnett made a great pitch.

2:10- Kendrick with two straight 1,2,3 innings. Dare I say he’s pitch well since the first inning?

2:12- He’s actually retired 11 out of the last 12.

2:13- TMac states how gorgeous of a day it is for baseball while sitting in an air-conditioned booth.   Meanwhile, the fans are sweating in the 90 degree heat.

2:14- TMac has done football? I have got to hear him do a football game.

2:14- When Sarge is in the broadcast booth, My IQ drops 5 points.

2:15- Cliff Lee vs. Josh Johnson tomorrow? Nice.  All the makings of a 1-0, 2:02 game.

2:17- Mike Fontenot makes me wish for Chase Utley.

2:21- Gregg Murphy said something that wasn’t that funny, but TMac’s laugh lasted for 10 seconds.  Few words to describe how terrible that is.

2:23- YO another 1, 2, 3 inning. What has gotten into Kyle Kendrick?

2:24- Clearly, Andrew McCutchen isn’t very good if he’s 0-3 against Kendrick?

2:26- Dock Ellis name drop on the broadcast. Love it.   He threw a no-hitter on LSD.   That’s when you know you’re good.

2:34-  Phanatic with another top-notch skit.

2:36- Sarge talking about how great Casey McGehee is. Remember McGehee lost his job to Jerry Hairston Jr. last year.

2:39- TMac says that it’s going to be a tough play as Juan Pierre, who’s not a good fielder, settles under it with no problem.

2:46- Pence singles with a runner not in scoring position.  1st and 3rd, 1 out.

2:48- Polanco has got to get this run home.

2:48- Polanco almost grounds into a double play. Run scores, 5-3.

2:49- Mike O will not be happy with this, but I think Polanco is going to come back next year. Aside from Youk and Wright (both with options that will likely be picked up),  Polanco is the best third baseman on the FA market in the off-season.

2:50- Ty Wigginton should never have the 3-0 green light.

2:51- 2 outs, runner in scoring position.  Oh brother.

2:52- No Utley pinch hit huh? Something I would have thought about.

2:53- Mike Fontenot doing Mike Fontenot type things.

2:56- Not going to lie, never thought Kendrick would pitch into the 7th inning.

2:57- Polanco makes a diving stop, but the ball trickles out of his glove to allow McKendry to reach.

2:58- Burnett bunts right in front of the plate, Kratz starts a 2-6-3 double play. Nice defensive play by Rollins.

3:00- Kendrick with two walks in the inning, he’s done after this inning.

3:03- Heading to the bottom of the 7th with the Phillies’ star Erik Kratz leading off.

3:06-Utley on deck to hit for Kendrick.  You pinch hit him there, but not for Fontenot with a runner in scoring position? Don’t get it.

3:08- Utley pinch-hitting and the girls go wild.

3:11- Fans go crazy as Utley strikes out.

3:12- Rollins walks which ends Burnett’s day.  Nice outing out of him.  Apparently, the Phillies were one of the teams interested in Burnett.  Can’t say I blame them after watching today.

3:14- Sure Burnett is awful at times, but he’s light years more talented than Blanton or Kendrick.

3:15- Utley trying to get into the game.  If Charlie lets him play, he’s an idiot for not using him in Fontenot’s spot last inning.

3:17- Runner in scoring position for Shane Victorino. Oh no.

3:20- Victorino flies out to end the inning. Shocker.

3:23- Brian Sanches pitching for the Phillies.  Yeah I got nothing.

3:26- That’s a home run.

3:27- Just kidding, it hit the top of the fence, but they will review.

3:29- Why can’t they use review for all close plays? It’s take two minutes to fix.  Or just use robot umpires.

3:30- Victorino makes the catch close to the wall and almost throws out Garrett Jones going to third.

3:35- Sanches works out of a jam.  Pence to lead off in the 8th.  There’s no one in scoring position so he’s good.

3:39- Pence homers for the first time since June 2nd.  Can they actually complete the comeback this time?

3:41- Polanco gets plunked.  Hey now…They got a chance.

3:42- Grilli is all over the place right now.

3:43- Wigginton gets a 3-1 meatball and fouls it off.

3:44- Swings at Ball four and strikes out.

3:45- Fontenot hits a ball right back to the pitcher, but it hits off of Grilli’s glove  and he reaches first.  Thome pinch-hitting for Kratz.

3:48- Thome strikes out.   Chooch pinch-hitting now.  They got to get at least one here.

3:52- Casey McGehee makes a great snag in foul territory.  Threat over.  Unreal.

3:54- Jeremy Horst, making his Phillie debut, starts McKendry with a 3-0 count.

3:57- Ruiz can’t quite come up with the pop up on the Tabata bunt. Great effort.

4:03- This half inning is taking forever.  Pressley has fouled off like 6 pitches.

4:05- Horst with two walks in the inning.  Not good.

4:08- Horst struck out McCutchen.  Not bad considering he’s hitting .456 against lefties.

4:10- Hanrahan for the save. He gets the top of the Phillies’ lineup.

4:11- Rollins continues his great month with a single to lead off the inning.

4:12- Pierre better not bunt.

4:12- Of course, why wouldn’t you have the guy hitting .315 bunt? Dumb.

4:15- Great job by Victorino………..

4:17- And that’s the ball game as Pence flies out.

4:20-I love giving away outs in the ninth inning to get to Shane Victorino and Hunter Pence. Smart baseball Charlie.


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