2012 MLB All Star Snub Team

C – A.J. Pierzynski, Chicago White Sox (.286 avg, 16 hrs, 49 rbis)

The backstop for the squad has had a solid year on the South Side. Pierzynski has the most home runs and runs batted in of any catcher in the game this season. He also calls great games for a very good pitching staff.

Pierzynski leads all catchers in homers and rbi’s.

1B- Adam LaRoche, Washington Nationals (.252 avg, 15 hrs, 53 rbi’s)

After bouncing around the last few years, LaRoche has found a home in D.C. He is tied for fourth in rbi’s and 3rd in home runs at his position and has played a very good defensive first base. His offensive production is part of the reason the Nationals will be leading the NL East at the break.

LaRoche’s production has really helped the first place Nationals.

2B – Brandon Phillips, Cincinnati Reds (.278 avg, 10 hrs, 47 rbi’s)

Phillips’s Manager Dusty Baker stuck up for him against All Star Manager Tony LaRussa, stating that he wasn’t added due to the fact that he had blood with LaRussa when he was in St Louis. Phillips has double-digit homers which is fifth best and 47 runs batted in which is third best at his position. He also does it with his glove, always putting up web gems.

Dusty Baker feels that LaRussa left Phillips off the team on purpose.

SS – Jed Lowrie, Houston Astros (.256 avg, 14 hrs, 36 rbi’s)

Lowrie will not be heading to Kansas City with his double play partner Jose Altuve. After being acquired from Boston in the offseason,  he has shown the power and production the Red Sox always knew was there. Lowrie’s 14 homers are second best and 36 runs batted in are just outside the top 5 of all shortstops.

Lowrie has given the Astros the production Boston always knew was there.

3B – Mike Moustakas, Kansas City Royals (.272 avg, 15 hrs, 47 rbi’s)

Moustakas would have loved to be playing in front of his home fans Tuesday night. The youngster is really getting it done at the hot corner for the Royals. He is tied for third with 15 bombs and is 8th best in runs batted in.

Moustakas is living up to the hype in KC.

CF – Colby Rasmus, Toronto Blue Jays (.256 avg, 16 hrs, 50 rbi’s)

A guy who’s attitude had him shipped out of St Louis is tearing it up in Toronto. Rasmus is the complete package of speed, power and a decent glove. His 16 homers are third best and his runs batted in are second most of all center fielders this year.

Rasmus has speed, power and a good glove in Toronto.

LF – Jason Kubel, Arizona Diamondbacks (.292 avg, 15 hrs, 60 rbi’s)

Kubel has been a great signing for the Diamondbacks. He has found the hitter friendly Chase Field much to his liking. Kubel has the 5th most homers with 15, second best with 60 runs batted in and has a very good average.

Kubel was a great pickup for Arizona.

RF – Nelson Cruz, Texas Rangers (.266 avg, 11 hrs, 53 rbi’s)

After having a great post season, Nelson Cruz is still mashing in Texas. Cruz was hoping to join Kinsler, Andrus and Hamilton in KC as part of their filthy lineup. His 53 runs batted in are 6th best in right field and his 21 doubles are 5th best.

Cruz has built off his tremendous post season.

SP – James McDonald, Pittsburgh Pirates (9-3, 2.87 era, 100 k’s)

The Pirates are developing a very good pitching rotation. McDonald has been keeping batters off-balance all season with his power and control. His 100 k’s are in the top 20,  9 wins are tied for 12th and his era is 5th best in all of the majors.

McDonald is part of a much improved Pirate starting rotation.

CP -Jonathan Broxton, Kansas City Royals (21 svs, 1.99 era, 23 k’s)

After falling out of favor in Los Angeles, Broxton found a new home in Kansas City. In a buy low move by the Royals they got a guy who can shut it down in the ninth. Broxton has the 6th most saves in the league and has rebounded from a bad few seasons. Although the Royals have struggled a bit, Broxton has an argument to be in his home park Tuesday night.

Broxton has found a home in Kansas City after struggling in LA.


One thought on “2012 MLB All Star Snub Team

  1. good job by you. bad job by baseball picking these rosters.

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