NFL Stars Get Paid

Brees is due 60 million guaranteed in his five-year deal.

As we approach training camp, three players have been shown how much they’re worth. Drew Brees, Ray Rice and Matt Forte have all agreed on long, wealthy extensions with their respective teams.

Brees signed a 5 yr, 100 million dollar contract extension with the Saints with $60 million guaranteed. He threw for 5, 476 yards and 46 touchdowns in 2011. The Ravens made their star running back very happy today,  giving Ray Rice a 5 yr, 40 million dollar contract. He ran for 1,364 yards and 12 touchdowns last season. The Bears disgruntled running back was finally shown some respect today, when they gave Matt Forte a 4 yr deal worth 32 million. Forte ran for 997 yards and 3 touchdowns in an injury prone 2011. All three of these guys are Pro Bowl players and now head into the 2012 season ready to show their teams that they were worth the money.

Rice ran for 1,364 yards and 12 touchdowns last season.

Forte had an injury prone 2011, but has 32 million reasons to have a big 2012.


One thought on “NFL Stars Get Paid

  1. Ray Rice is a punk. Hate him. Hate the Ravens. Hope they suck. Brees is great but Saints are jerkoffs. Forte is alright but Bears are always bad on offense.

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