Who will reach the 2012 MLB Playoffs?

The 2012 MLB trading deadline is only a little over one week away.  As the regular season heads towards it final two months the time has come for teams to determine if they are going to buy, sell or stand pat.

What is the best way to determine what team are in a good position for a postseason run and what teams should look towards 2013?

Your answer is:

coolstandings.com provides an updated percentage chances of reaching the postseason for each team in the majors.   Click here to read about how it works.

This is a great tool to view what teams have the best opportunity of winning their division or settling for a wild card spot.

Check out the screen capture & link below:

2012 MLB current standings & playoff % via coolstandings.com

As of 7/21/12 the New York Yankees are the most likely team to reach the playoffs as they make it 93.6% of the time based on simulations where as the Houston Astros are the least likely team to as they make it less then 0.1% of the time.

Of course the games are played on the field and anything can happen.  Still this is a useful tool that can help you determine which teams you are likely to watch in the 2012 playoffs.  Its going to be interesting to see what teams step up and make bold moves at the deadline, who plays well in September and what team falls off of the map. So enjoy the remainder of the 2012 regular season and all that leads up to the playoff excitement for 10 teams and October glory for 1.


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