NCAA Rules On Penn State

NCAA President Mark Emmert announces the punishment toward Penn State Monday morning.

The NCAA made their ruling on the Penn State football program Monday morning. Even though they were not given the “Death Penalty”, they were handed down strong punishments that will sting the program for a long time. They have been fined 60 thousand dollars, a four-year bowl ban, a loss of 20 scholarships a season and vacating of all Penn State wins since 1998.

These decisions came after the Jerry Sandusky investigation, Sandusky’s arrest and conviction and the Freeh Report which showed from multiple sources that Paterno and others in the football program turned a blind eye to the sexual assault allegations against Sandusky. The bowl ban will cost the university and football program 13 million and the loss of 20 scholarships a season will certainly hurt the chance of getting top-notch recruits. Bill O’Brien, who was hired following the 2011 season, will have his work cut out for him handling the media, facing nasty opposing crowds and trying to recruit with all these sanctions against them. The 60 thousand dollars that the university was fined will be donated to a child sexual abuse prevention agency. The football program was stripped of 112 wins, including six bowls and two conference championships. Paterno now moves to 12th on the all-time wins list in college football with 298 career wins. Paterno’s statue was also removed late Saturday night from the front of Beaver Stadium and place in an undisclosed location. Hopefully through the Freeh Report and NCAA sanctions, an atrocity like the covering up of child sexual abuse to save a sports team or program will never happen again.

Jerry Sandusky was convicted of 45 counts of sexual abuse on June 22nd.

Louis Freeh’s report revealed that Paterno and others involved in the football program knowingly ignored child sexual assault allegations.

On Saturday night, Paterno’s statue was removed from the front of Beaver Stadium and placed in an undisclosed location.

O’Brien will have a four-year bowl ban starting this year and a loss of 20 scholarships starting next season.


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