NFL Quarterback Ratings for Week 1

It’s the time of the season where you’ve drafted all your fantasy teams and are simply waiting for Sunday. The Giants and Cowboys got it started with 13 games going Sunday and 2 on Monday.  I can’t promise a weekly post on the QB Rankings, but there will definitely be one a month.

Some rules- Must have thrown at least 300 passes last season.

Rookies don’t count because we haven’t seen them play.

1. Aaron Rodgers- First in QB Rating, first in yards per attempt,  second in in touchdowns, tied for #1 in fewest interceptions among QBs that qualified. Throw in 253 yards rushing, a few rushing touchdowns, and a 15-1 regular season and you get the #1 quarterback in the first SWB’s QB Ratings of 2012.

#1 in the Power Rankings to kick off 2012

2. Eli Manning- The two time Super Bowl MVP had his best year to date last season. 4th in passing yards, 5th in yards per attempt, 6th in touchdowns, and 7th in QB rating. Eli also set an NFL record with 9 touchdowns with less than four minutes to go in a single season. Gets the nod over Brees and Brady for his outstanding playoff .

3. Drew Brees- Broke Dan Marino’s record, threw one more touchdown than Rodgers and completed 71 percent of his passes while finishing 2nd the league in passing attempts. Had two outstanding playoff games, throwing for 928 yards with 7 touchdowns and 2 INT. It’s a shame his defense let him down against the 49ers.

4. Tom Brady- One of four quarterbacks to throw over 5,000 yards, finished with 39 touchdowns and 12 interceptions.  Didn’t play that bad in the Super Bowl, but was outplayed by Eli.

5.Matthew Stafford- Stafford had a great year despite his team’s unbalance offense. He led the league in passing attempts, but finished third in touchdowns, third in passing yards, fifth in QB rating. Can he and the Lions take the next step and win a playoff game? Chicago and Green Bay make that path much harder.

6.Tony Romo- Romo had a great year with 31 touchdowns (5th in the league) and 10 interceptions while finishing 4th in QB rating last season, however his team finished out of the playoffs. Played outstanding the 2nd half of last night’s game, outplaying Mr. Elite.

7.Big Ben- It will certainly be interesting how him and Todd Haley will get along. I also commend him for saying he’d miss a game for the birth of his daughter. Sometimes in football, we forget just it’s only a game. Pittsburgh will manage to survive.

8. Jay Cutler- Expecting a huge boost with the addition of his buddy Brandon Marshall, who the Bears stole from Miami, and a happy Matt Forte. I don’t think the Bears catch the Packers, but they’ll be in the playoffs.

9. Phillip Rivers- finished a dismal year very strong with 11 touchdowns and 3 interceptions in the last five games. Fully expect a bounce back season with less turnovers.

10. Matt Ryan-Ryan had a very nice touchdown to INT ratio (29-12), while finishing 6th in touchdowns, 8th in passing yards, and 8th in QB rating. Things changed in the playoffs though as his team got embarrassed by the Giants 24-2 in the NFC Wildcard game.  Can he take the next step with two top ten receivers and a Hall of Fame tight at his disposal?

11. Cam Newton- 10th in passing yards, 10th in yards per attempt. He also had over 700 yards rushing and finished second in rushing touchdowns with 14 last year. I expect a slight drop in rushing yards and touchdowns as the Panthers probably want him to take less of a beating.

12. Michael Vick- Vick turned the ball over way too much, perhaps his first full off-season since being released from jail will help. No excuses for him with the talent he has.

13. Joe Flacco- 18th in QB rating, 24th in yards in per attempt, and 26th in completion percentage last season, but did play very well in the AFC Championship game. Was one Lee Evans drop from going to the Super Bowl.

14. Josh Freeman- Was terrible last season, but he’s too talented to be this bad and Vincent Jackson and Doug Martin will make him better.

15. Andy Dalton- Expecting him and his team to take a step back, but with AJ Green, he’ll always be pretty good.  At times last season, he was outperforming Cam Newton.

16.  Ryan Fitzpatrick- Led the league in interceptions in last season. His team will be much improved, but is he the quarterback to change the culture in Buffalo?

17. Carson Palmer- A turnover machine last season, but did average 8.39 yards per attempt with the help of the breakout season from Darrius Heyward-Bey.

18. Mark Sanchez- What a mess. That’s about all you can really say. He’s the captain on a sinking ship.

19. Sam Bradford- His team is going to be really bad.  Hey at least he has Stephen Jackson right?

20. Blaine Gabbert- My favorite stat from last season-  In 413 attempts, Gabbert threw for 2,214 yards. In 343 attempts, Maurice Jones-Drew ran for 1,606 yards. He’ll be a little better throwing to Justin Blackmon.


Matt Hasselbeck, Matt Moore, Colt McCoy, Tarvaris Jackson and Rex Grossman all made the rankings in the final tally last season, but all have lost their jobs.  The highest ranked was Hasselbeck, who was 14th.

Some faces will make an appearance in rankings soon-

Peyton Manning- Making the jump to Denver, I’m sure he’ll be great, but why not go to the better team in San Francisco?

Andrew Luck- Taking Peyton’s spot, he has all the tools to be a very good quarterback.

Robert Griffin III- His athletic ability is off the charts, but his owner is Daniel Synder and his best receiver is…Pierre Garcon? Santana Moss? Fred Davis? Yikes.

Ryan Tannehill- The rookie from Texas A and M won the Miami job over Matt Moore and David Garrard.  His best receiver….Davone Bess.

Brandon Weeden- An older rookie at 28, Weeden doesn’t have a lot of options other than Trent Richardson. Mohamed Massaquoi and Greg Little are okay receivers, but hardly set the world on fire.  At least Weeden catches a break Week 1 with the ferocious Philadelphia Eagles’ defensive line.

Russell Wilson- Stole the job from Matt Flynn in Seattle.  Wilson, the former baseball prospect, was fabulous his senior year at Wisconsin. Marshawn Lynch’s back spasms and possible suspension won’t make it easy for him to start in Seattle.


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