Clinching Time

NL Central Champions: Cincinnati Reds (97-65)

Jay Bruce has had a phenomenal season in Cincy, hitting .256 with 34 homers and 97 runs batted in.

Johnny Cueto is in the running for the NL CY Young with 18 wins, a 2.84 era and 159 strikeouts.

NL West Champions: (94-68)

Buster Posey is the NL MVP front-runner with a .332 average, 23 homers and 98 runs batted in and has called a phenomenal game behind the plate.

Matt Cain has become the ace of the Giants staff, winning 15 games, a 2.86 era and 185 strikeouts and a perfect game against the Astros.

NL East Champions : Washington Nationals (98-64)

A Braves loss to the Pirates clinched the 2012 NL East title for the Nats.

After leading the Nats to 96 wins, Davey Johnson is the favorite for Manager of the Year.

Adam LaRoche has played a spectacular first base in Washington

AL Central Champions: Detroit Tigers (88-74)

Justin Verlander has anchored the staff going 17-8 with a 2.64 era and 239 strikeouts.

Miguel Cabrera may win the first AL triple crown since Carl Yastrzemski in 1967. Cabrera is hitting .329 with 44 homers and 137 runs batted in.

AL West Champions: Oakland A’s (94-68)

After clinching a playoff berth Monday, the A’s beat the Rangers 12-5 to clinch the AL West title.

Grant Balfour has been clutch all year with 24 saves and 2.47 era. He has been unhittable this week as the A’s caught the Rangers.

In a lineup filled with non household names, Josh Reddick has became the national face of the A’s offense. He has hit .243 with 32 homers and 84 runs batted in.

AL East Champions: NY Yankees (95-67)

CC Sabathia put the Yankee pitching staff on his back. He went 15-6 with a 3.38 era and 197 strikeouts.

Curtis Granderson was one of the most consistent contributors in the Yankee lineup. He hit .230 with 41 homers and 102 runs batted in.



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