The Real Refs Are Coming!!!!

Mike Carey and Ed Hochuli will be back to work this Sunday after reaching an 8-year deal with the NFL.

At midnight Thursday the NFL and the referees union came to an agreement to end a lockout that had went on since June.

It will be an 8-year deal with a pay increase and pension plan for referees with 20 years of service. According to Commissioner Goodell, the referees will be in uniform in Baltimore for the Thursday night football game. These negotiations were sped up due to the poor job done by the replacement officials including the controversial ruling of the hail mary in Monday Night’s Packers-Seahawks game, which decided the outcome of a game. Although the real referees are not perfect either, they will gain control and have a much better grasp of the rules than what we had to deal with the first three weeks.

The replacement referees were over their head from the beginning and made a mockery of the game.

The controversial call of a touchdown instead of a touchback in the Monday night game was the final straw for the league.


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