2013 MLB Power Rankings – Mid-June Edition


Here is a look at how teams around baseball stack up heading towards July.

#1. St. Louis Cardinals (45-26) – The Cardinals are among the best current franchises in sports. Consistently competitive along with multiple championships.  They are at it again in 2013 holding the best record in baseball to this point.

#2. Boston Red Sox (44-29) – It appears the culture and negativity has been bounced from Boston.  They’ve had a great run to this point but there are a lot of games left against a lot of talented divisional opponents.

#3. Oakland Athletics (43-30) – Who are these guys?  The A’s still don’t have many recognizable faces to the average baseball fan yet they continue to win baseball games.  Strong pitching along with clutch hitting usually = victories.

#4. Cincinnati Reds (43-29) – Consistent starting pitching. Dominating closer and a strong offense has the Reds looking to reach the postseason for the 2nd consecutive season.

#5. Atlanta Braves (42-30) – The Braves are loaded with talent both offensively and pitching wise.  We’ve seen how good they can be when they play there best. (11-1 start).  Justin Upton needs to again find his stroke.

#6. Pittsburgh Pirates (42-29) – The Pirates have been playing good baseball.  Jason Grilli has been unreal.  Ultimately its really had to take this franchise seriously until late September.  Can they avoid another late season swoon?

#7. Baltimore Orioles (41-31) – Buck still has the Orioles playing good baseball when some doubted their ability to continue to compete. Chris Davis is the 2013 AL MVP to this point.

#8. Detroit Tigers (39-30) – The Tigers should again win the AL Central but things continue to stay a little closer within the division then the Tigers faithful would like.

#9. New York Yankees (38-31) – The Yankees are having a sensational season considering the catastrophic number of injuries the franchise has dealt with this season.

#10. Texas Rangers (39-32) – The Rangers are one of those teams that we all know is very good.  Good enough to potentially win the World Series.  It’s a matter of getting in the playoffs and turning it on at the right time.

#11. Arizona Diamondbacks (38-33) – The Diamondbacks continue to bounce back following a disappointing 2012 season.  They are full of young talent and Paul Goldschmidt is at the forefront.

#12. Colorado Rockies (37-35) – It will be pretty impressive if the Rockies can withstand the Troy Tulowitzki injury.  With that said, Carlos Gonzalez is having himself an MVP type of year as well.

#13. San Francisco Giants (36-34) – Perhaps the Giants are an every other year type of team?

#14. Tampa Bay Rays (36-35) – Injuries to the pitching staff is not something the Rays can afford.  They’ll need David Price & Alex Cobb back and soon if they want to make a run.

#15.  San Diego Padres (36-35) – Getting hot can really help you climb the power rankings quickly.  A new barrage of injuries will likely help the Padres drop down a few pegs in the next month but its fun for now.

#16. Kansas City Royals (34-35) – Hot N’ Cold.  Pitching has been pretty good but the offense stars aren’t developing as expected.

#17. Cleveland Indians (35-35) – They are ok.  Have the talent to make a run.  Have the holes to flounder in the 3rd place.  They are who we thought they were!

#18. Washington Nationals (34-36) – <—-That record is why Mike Rizzo is a jackass.  Benching Stephen Strasburg last postseason was one of the biggest jokes/mistakes in baseball history.  Moron.  They still have a heck of a chance to make a run.

#19. Toronto Blue Jays (34-36) – The Jays are finally starting to play the way people expected they could.  They’ll need Jose Reyes back and a lot of Eastern Divsion wins to climb above the 4 teams they are behind.

#20. Philadelphia Phillies (35-37) – The Phillies are another team on the long list of those who have the talent to get hot and make their season exciting but also have enough holes to drive their fans insane.

#21. Minnesota Twins (31-36) – Target Field is a beautiful ballpark.  Joe Mauer and the franchise will get things going in the next few years.

#22. Los Angeles Angels  (31-40) – See the Philadelphia Phillies but had a whole new level of frustration and disappointment.

#23. Seattle Mariners  (32-40) – Felix Hernandez is fun to watch every five days or so.

#24. Los Angeles Dodgers (29-39) – Disgrace.  $$$$$$$$$=Bad team.

#25. Chicago Cubs (29-40) – The goat strikes again!!! There is always next year……..at least until the world ends.

#26. Chicago White Sox (29-39) – Bad baseball team + bad announcers = unwatchable product.

#27. Milwaukee Brewers (28-41) – Things have gone down hill quickly in Milwaukee.  The emergence of Jean Seguara is a sold positive.

#28. New York Mets (27-40) – All-Star game, Matt Harvey, Zack Wheeler, David Wright, Garbage.

#29. Houston Astros (27-45) – They do have some serious talent on the way.  They are doing it right.  Completely rebuild, don’t hold on to the past.

#30 Miami Marlins (22-48) – They suck.  But watch out in 2015…

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