MLB Suspends A-Rod and 12 others

A-Rod will be suspended through the 2014 season.

After weeks of speculation, Major League Baseball has made their ruling on the players associated with Biogenesis. Alex Rodriguez headlines a list of 13 players who either took or were involved with performance enhancing drugs. Nelson Cruz, Jhonny Peralta and Everth Cabrera were the other players of note to get suspensions for the rest of the season. All the players except for Rodriguez accepted their suspensions and A-Rod will appeal and be able to play this week. MLB hopes that this will send a strong message to players that if you take anything to get an advantage you will pay the price.

Cruz was hitting .269 with 27 hr’s and 76 rbi’s.

Peralta was an All Star this season hitting .305 with 11 hr’s and 54 rbi’s.

Cabrera was the Padres All Star representative, he was hitting .283 with 31 rbi’s and 37 stolen bases.


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