NFL Week 8 Recap

Denver Broncos (6-1) 35, San Diego Chargers (5-3) 21

Emmanuel Sanders had 9 catches for 120 yards and 3 touchdowns.

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NFL Week 2 Recap

Baltimore Ravens (1-1) 26, Pittsburgh Steelers (1-1) 6

Joe Flacco threw for 166 yards and 2 touchdowns in the Ravens win.

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NFL Thoughts on the Playoffs

49ers 36, Saints 32

– I couldn’t help but think about Mike Singletary after Vernon Davis caught the game winner. Looks like Vernon is a winner, Mike.

– How many of you thought Drew Brees left too much time for Alex Smith on his touchdown pass to Jimmy Graham?

– Never thought Alex Smith could keep up with Drew Brees.

– Five turnovers and you still have a chance to win? Saints should be thankful they were in the game.

Patriots 45, Broncos 10

-Tough for Tebow time to get started in the 4th quarter when he’s down 42.

-Was it really necessary to have Brady punting the ball? Come on.

– Tebow will be the starter heading into camp next summer. However, it would be wise if Denver brought in competition better than Brady Quinn.

Ravens 20, Texans 13

– Arian Foster is really good.

– It’s hard not to think about how this game would have been different if Matt Schaub was the QB for the Texans.

-The Texans must be thrilled with the team heading into next year. An great offense when Schaub is healthy and a defense that is vastly overlooked will certainly be looking to take the next step.

-I’m not convinced that Joe Flacco and company can keep up with the Patriots.

Giants 37, Packers 20

-This was a flat out dominating performance by the Giants.

– Has Eli passed Peyton now? With another Super Bowl, I say yes.

-It’s crazy how every year Tom Coughlin is on the bring of being fired and his team manages to win enough to save his job.

-This game brings up the question of whether the Packers should have played more players in their Week 17 win. I would take the cautious route and make more of a preseason game. The starters would have played a half max.