Astros General Manager Ed Wade Fired

When Houston businessman Jim Crane purchased the Astros many expected wholesale changers were inevitable.  The Astros will shift to the American League west in 2013 and they will do so under different leadership.

The Astros began the shakeup of their front office when they fired president of baseball operations Tal Smith as well as general manager Ed Wade.

The now former GM of the Astros & Phillies has never been a fan favorite in either city.


Wade was dumped by the Phillies in '05

Never a fan favorite

Will Ed Wade resurface in baseball?

Ed Wade Wikipedia


MLB Power Rankings, Late September Edition

The second to last Power Rankings of the regular season….

World Series Contenders:

1. Philadelphia Phillies 98-53- Despite their lull, they still have the best record in baseball.

2. New York Yankees 91-60- have seperated themselves from the Red Sox.

3. Milwaukee Brewers 90-63- Have kept the Cardinals at bay.

4. Detroit Tigers 89-64- On fireeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee, first team to clinch a division

5. Arizona Diamondbacks 88-65- Would take a great collapse to not make the postseason.

6.Texas Rangers 88-65- Have kept the Angels at bay.

7. Atlanta Braves 87-66-Have the Cardinals breathing down their necks.

8. Boston Red Sox-87-65- They are going to blow it.

Playoffs Contenders

9. TB Rays 85-67- They are going to catch Boston.

10. St. Louis Cardinals 83-69- Making a late push, not sure it’s going to be enough.

11. San Francisco Giants 83-70- Where was this offense a month ago?

12. Los Angeles Angels 83-69- Need to be perfect to have a chance.

Perhaps next year?

13. Los Angeles Dodgers 76-76- Have been one of the best teams in baseball the past three weeks.

14. Cleveland Indians 75-75- A great season any way you look at it.

15. Toronto Blue Jays 77-75- A better ballclub than the Dodgers and Indians, but will always be in the background behind Boston and New York.

Medicore Baseball Teams

16. Cincinnati Reds 74-79- Way too talented to be this average.

17. Chicago White Sox 74-78- Wasted years out of Dunn, Rios and a terrible bullpen cost this team dearly.

18. Washington Nationals 72-79- The building blocks are getting there.

19. Colorado Rockies 70-82- With pieces like Cargo and Tulo, they have to better next year right?

20. New York Mets 73-80- Is Reyes really worth the huge contract he’s going to get from someone?

Just Awful Baseball Teams

21.  Kansas City Royals 67-87- 9 prospects in Baseball America’s top 100 prospects.

22. Florida Marlins 69-84- It’s been a lost season since May.

23. Pittsburgh Pirates 68-85- The Jerry Meals game seem to start the down fall.

24. Chicago Cubs  67-86- Will they make a play for Pujols in the off-season?

25.  San Diego Padres 65-88- Need to find some offense in the off-season, but what free agent will go to that big ballpark?

26. Oakland A’s 69-84- Starting to hear whispers of Billy Beane possibly taking his talents to Chicago.

27. Baltimore Orioles 62-89- Have been thorns in the side of the Rays and Yankees recently. Boston is next.

28. Seattle Mariners 63-89- Will be the first season in Ichiro’s Hall of Fame career where he doesn’t reach 200 hits.

29. Minnesota Twins 59-82- Need to figure out where it went wrong.

Ed Wade’s Gem

30. Houston Astros 52-100- At least Ed got revenge when the Astros took two of three from the Phillies.