Final 2011 NFL Regular Season Power Rankings

1. (1)  Green Bay Packers 15-1– The Packers head into the playoffs as favorites to win Super Bowl XLVI after an MVP season out of Aaron Rodgers.

2. (2) New Orleans Saints 13-3- The Saints offense has been among the best in the NFL for several seasons but recording breaking Darren Sproles has allowed them to become even more explosive.

3. (3)  San Francisco 49ers 13-3- They don’t turn the ball over and play great defense which is always a recipe for success in the NFL.

4. (4) Baltimore Ravens 12-4Finally they have the opportunity to play at home in the postseason.  They have an excellent shot to reach the Super Bowl in a wide open AFC.

5. (6) New England Patriots 13-3The Patriots had another double-digit win regular season, can Tom Brady & Bill Belichick break their 3-game playoff losing streak?

6. (5) Pittsburgh Steelers 12-4- The Steelers boast a big play offense that compliments one of the leagues best defenses.  Injuries could play a role in keeping them out of another Super Bowl appearance.

7. (11)- New York Giants 9-7- Eli Manning’s big season along with the emergence of Victor Cruz helped the Giants win what turned out to be a very mediocre NFC East.

8. (8) Detroit Lions 10-6Matthew Stafford & Calvin Johnson get their first chance to shine in the playoff spotlight.

9. (7) Houston Texans 10-6- The Texans accomplished goal #1 in winning the division for the first time in franchise history.  Now they look to win franchise playoff game #1 behind Arian Foster and a superb defense.

10. (12) Atlanta Falcons 10-6 Matt Ryan and the Falcons offense caught fire in the final month. They look to make up for a disappointing 2010 playoff campaign starting this week in New York.

11. (9) Cincinnati Bengals 9-7- What looked to be one of the leagues worst teams heading into the 2011 season turned out to be a young playoff bound squad.  That’s why the “experts” are idiots.

12. (13)Denver Broncos 8-8Tim Tebow did just enough to win 6 in a row in dramatic fashion earlier this season.  The Broncos behind Tim Tebow did just enough at 8-8 to reach the playoffs.  Can they do enough at home to beat the Steelers?

13. (14) Oakland Raiders 8-8- The Raiders where respectable in 2011.  They may have even reached the postseason if not for the season ending injury to Jason Campbell.

14. (15) Tennessee Titans 9-7- The Titans has an up and down season that resulted in them staying alive in the playoff race through the completion of their 16 game schedule.

15. (16) San Diego Chargers 8-8- Another disappointing regular season leads to Norv Turner & AJ Smith returning which likely leads to a dis pointing 2012 season in San Diego.

16. (10) Dallas Cowboys 8-8–  Talent combined with inconsistent play generally results in mediocre results thus an 8-8 season in big D.

17. (19) Arizona Cardinals 8-8– Despite an awful start to the season the Cardinals found away to finish up a solid 8-8 campaign.

18. (20) Philadelphia Eagles 8-8- Winning the final four saved Andy Reid’s job much to the disappointment of the Philly fan base.

19. (17) New York Jets 8-8- The wheels are falling off for the organization.  Time for damage control.

20. (21) Kansas City Chiefs 7-9Hard to believe this team managed to win 7 games despite serious injuries across the board along with a first place schedule.

21. (18) Seattle Seahawks 7-9- Marshawn Lynch has found stardom in Seattle.  Will the free agent to be remain in Seattle for the 2012 season?

22. (23) Chicago Bears 8-8The Jay Cutler injuries ended the Bears season. The Matt Forte loss sealed their fate.

23. (22) Carolina Panthers 6-10- The Panther accomplished exactly what they needed in 2011. Found a franchise quarterback that brought excitement and great hope for 2012 and beyond.

24. (24) Miami Dolphins 6-10 – The 0-7 start killed the season. But the nice bounce back showed that they may only be a few pieces away from contention.

25. (25)  Buffalo Bills 6-10- The Bills fail to reach the playoffs yet again. They’ll need to spend some money and draft well to get back into the AFC East race.

26. (26) Washington Redskins 5-11- The defense is good but the offense needs play-makers including a quarterback.

27. (28) Jacksonville Jaguars 5-11- New ownership could lead to major overhaul of the franchise.

28. (27) Cleveland Browns 4-12 Browns fans need to be yearning for an offensive weapon of some kind.

29. (29) Tampa Bay Buccaneers 4-12– 4-2 becomes 4-12 and heads roll. Josh Freeman and the Bucs took a giant step back from the successful 2010 campaign.

30. (30) Minnesota Vikings 3-13– Only a couple of years removed from an NFC Championship birth and the Vikings are among the worst teams in the NFL.

31. (31) Indianapolis Colts 2-14– New front office for 2012.  Could this be the end of the Peyton Manning era?

32. (32) St. Louis Rams 2-14- The Rams franchise is going through a tough time.  It’s going to be a few years until they are relevant again.  Perhaps a perfect time to unload Steven Jackson?


NFL Power Rankings Week 17

1. (1)  Green Bay Packers 14-1– Aaron Rodgers and the Packers got back on track by beating up the division rival Bears.

2. (2) New Orleans Saints 12-3- Drew Brees has already surpassed Dan Marino’s single season passing record with a week to go.

3. (3)  San Francisco 49ers 12-3-  They’ll look to lock up a first round bye with a victory is sorry St. Louis.

4. (4) Baltimore Ravens 11-4Continue to look like the most complete team in the AFC, despite some struggles on the road.

5. (5) Pittsburgh Steelers 11-4- The health of Big Ben could be the difference between a Super Bowl run or early playoff exit.

6. (6) New England Patriots 12-3Tom Brady is having another sensational season.  This year he is in the background of Aaron Rogers & Drew Brees.

7. (7) Houston Texans 10-5- Arian Foster, a tremendous defense and playing at home could line up the franchises first playoff victory.

8. (11) Detroit Lions 10-5If they don’t beat themselves with penalties and turnovers they could be the NFC’s most dangerous wild card team.

9. (14) Cincinnati Bengals 9-6- They are a win away from a playoff berth.  Cinderella story in the making?

10. (8) Dallas Cowboys 8-7–  Tony Romo & Felix Jones need to get healthy for week 17 in New York.

11. (13)- New York Giants 8-7- Winner takes all on Sunday night football. Eli will look to shine in prime time yet again.

12. (9) Atlanta Falcons 9-6 Hoping this work out so they can travel to New York/Dallas next week.  Pretty sure they have no interest in returning to New Orleans.

13. (10)Denver Broncos 8-7The Tim Tebow talk has quieted a bit.  One win and a postseason birth with get the talk rolling again.

14. (16) Oakland Raiders 8-7- Overtime victory in Kansas City keeps them in the division race.

15. (19) Tennessee Titans 8-7- Despite erratic play by Chris Johnson they remain playoff hopeful going into week 17.

16. (15) San Diego Chargers 7-8- Too little too late.  Is this the end of the road for Norv Turner?

17. (12) New York Jets 8-7- Took a beating in Philadelphia and versus the Giants.  Brand Jacobs said it best.

18. (18) Seattle Seahawks 7-8- Will look to improves on last years division winning record with a victory in Arizona.

19. (17) Arizona Cardinals 7-8– Despite injuries and overall lack of talent the Cardinals have won 7 games.

20. (22) Philadelphia Eagles 7-8- Will look to finish strong with a victory against the Redskins but its a little late to play up to potential.

21. (20) Kansas City Chiefs 6-9Rough season in KC.  They will always remember how they rose up to defeat the might Packers in week 15.

22. (23) Carolina Panthers 6-9- Cam Newton is finally getting some wins.  With a little offseason help they could be a team to watch in 2012.

23. (21) Chicago Bears 7-8When you see the Bears without Matt Forte you really realize just how much they miss him.

24. (24) Miami Dolphins 5-10 – Reggie Bush has had himself a really nice 2011 season as a feature back.

25. (26)  Buffalo Bills 6-9- Ryan Fitzpatrick finally gets win #1 after the larger contract.

26. (25) Washington Redskins 5-10- The offense needs to be priority #1 this offseason.

27. (27) Cleveland Browns 4-11 They have a lot of work to do in whats been the best division in football this season.

28. (29) Jacksonville Jaguars 4-11- No easy task to close out the season against the suddenly red-hot Colts.

29. (28) Tampa Bay Buccaneers 4-11– Dreadful finish  to the season in Tampa Bay. The once 4-2 playoff hopeful squad looks to avoid a 10 game losing streak.

30. (30) Minnesota Vikings 3-12– With Adrian Peterson’s future up in the air its time to consider full-blown rebuilding of the franchise.

31. (32) Indianapolis Colts 2-13– Perhaps the inevitable Andrew Luck question won’t ever have to be answered.

32. (31) St. Louis Rams 2-13- Poor Steven Jackson.  Brutal offense in a brutal era of Rams football.

NFL Power Rankings Week 16

1. (1)  Green Bay Packers 13-1– Of all the teams that make Green Bay look ordinary…Kansas City?

2. (3) New Orleans Saints 11-3- Drew Brees just makes it look easy.

3. (5)  San Francisco 49ers 11-3-  Dominating defensive performance against Pittsburgh.

4. (2) Baltimore Ravens 10-4Ran into a hot Chargers team.

5. (4) Pittsburgh Steelers 10-4-Went from possibly being the 1 seed with a win to the 5th seed after a tough loss to San Francisco.

6. (7) New England Patriots 11-3Tom Brady switched it up. Made Aaron Hernandez the main target this week.

7. (6) Houston Texans 10-4- You knew they were in for a tough day when they gave up a touchdown on the Little Giants’ play.

8. (11) Dallas Cowboys 8-6–  Did their job against a bad Bucs team. Can wrap up the NFC East with a win over the Eagles.

9. (13) Atlanta Falcons 9-5Did their job against a bad Jaguars team.

10. (8)Denver Broncos 8-6Even with the loss, they control their own fate for the AFC West crown.

11. (15) Detroit Lions 9-5Great comeback against the Raiders leads the Lions to their first 9 win season since 1997.

12. (9) New York Jets 8-6- Despite getting plastered by the Eagles, they are still the second wild card team in the AFC playoff race.

13. (10)- New York Giants 7-7- Need to win out and the Cowboys  to lose out to win the division.

14. (14) Cincinnati Bengals 8-6- Looks like they got it right with Dalton and Green.

15. (18) San Diego Chargers 7-7- Once again, the Chargers are the team no one wants to play if they make the playoffs.

16. (16) Oakland Raiders 7-7- Darrius Heyward-Bey is finally starting to live up to being the 7th pick in the draft.

17. (19) Arizona Cardinals 7-7– All John Skelton does is win win win, no matter what. See what I did there?  He’s 5-1.

18. (20) Seattle Seahawks 7-7- Took advantage of Caleb Hanne being awful.

19. (12) Tennessee Titans 7-7-Womp….womp….womp…to being the first team to lose to the Colts.

20. (28) Kansas City Chiefs 6-8Makes you wonder what happens if they start Kyle Orton over Tyler Palko.

21. (17) Chicago Bears 7-7Caleb Hanne stinks.

22. (22) Philadelphia Eagles 6-8- Can things bounce the Eagles’ way two more weeks?

23. (24) Carolina Panthers 5-9- Cam continues to shine in his rookie season with an impressive win over Houston.

24. (21) Miami Dolphins 5-9 – Reggie Bush went buck wild in the cold, wintry mix in Buffalo.

25. (26) Washington Redskins 5-9- Defense shut down the Giants and picked up an upset win in New York.

26. (23)  Buffalo Bills 5-9- Go Sabres Go!

27. (25) Cleveland Browns 4-10Tough loss doesn’t make a bad season any better.

28. (27) Tampa Bay Buccaneers 4-10– Looked every bit of a 4-10 team against Dallas.

29. (29) Jacksonville Jaguars 4-10- Is it too early to say Blaine Gabbert is a bust?

30. (30) Minnesota Vikings 2-12– Couldn’t keep up with the high-fired offense of the Saints.

31. (31) St. Louis Rams 2-12- Not sure what they expected with Kellen Clemens starting.

32. (32) Indianapolis Colts 1-13– The streak is over!

NFL Power Rankings – Week 15


1. (1)  Green Bay Packers 13-0– The quest for the undefeated season continues as Cheese Nation heads into Kansas City.

2. (2) Baltimore Ravens 10-3The Ravens continue to battle for the top seed in the AFC as they head out west.

3. (4) New Orleans Saints 10-3- Drew Brees & the Saints have been playing under the radar at 10-3.

4. (5) Pittsburgh Steelers 10-3- The continue to playing interesting games against bad teams but they win them all.

5. (3)  San Francisco 49ers 10-3–  Rough loss in Arizona drops the Niners a notch as they look to beat out the Saints for the #2 seed.

6. (7) Houston Texans 10-3- Franchise has reached the postseason for the first time in franchise history and are in position for a possible bye.

7. (6) New England Patriots 10-3Tom Brady to Rob Gronkowski & Wes Welker all day.  Offense needs to overcome the sporadic play of the defense.

8. (9)Denver Broncos 8-5Tim Tebow & the Broncos are on a magical run towards the playoffs.  Will they be able to outscore the Patriots on Sunday?

9. (13) New York Jets 8-5- They blasted the Chiefs as everything else fell into place Sunday afternoon.  If the season ended today they would be the 2nd wild card team.

10. (17)- New York Giants 7-6- Eli Manning has been magnificent this season.  Clutch play could prove dangerous to the rest of the NFC.

11. (8) Dallas Cowboys 7-6–  DeMarco Murray injury could prove to be as big of a loss as the one suffered Sunday night.

12. (11) Tennessee Titans 7-6-The Titans continue to remain in the playoff race despite inconsistent play from the quarterback & running back.

13. (15) Atlanta Falcons 8-5-Struggles in the rest of the NFC has opened up an opportunity for the Falcons to reach the postseason.

14. (10) Cincinnati Bengals 7-6-  Despite a successful campaign the Bengals a dropped big games lately.  They need to win to get in.

15. (12) Detroit Lions 8-5– Despite the win, the Vikings game has to have Lions fans a bit nervous.

16. (14) Oakland Raiders 7-6- Raiders remain in the race but Carson Palmer hasn’t helped matters in recent weeks.

17. (16) Chicago Bears 7-6Marion Barber may have cost his team a playoff spot with 2 poor plays late in the Broncos debacle.

18. (18) San Diego Chargers 6-7- December is the Chargers month.  Strong finish could make things interesting out west.

19. (22) Arizona Cardinals 6-7– Larry Fitzgerald is pretty darn good. The Cardinals could reach .500 by season end.

20. (23) Seattle Seahawks 6-7- Marshawn Lynch has been dominating in recent weeks as the Seahawks look to finish up strong.

21. (20) Miami Dolphins 4-9 – Tony Sparano gets canned after his first poor outing five weeks. Ownership wanted him out.

22. (25) Philadelphia Eagles 5-8- Eagles finally get a win.  The slim hope of a playoff appearance remains.

23. (19)  Buffalo Bills 5-8 Yikes.  Things really have gone down hill in upstate New York.

24 (21) Carolina Panthers 4-9- Cam Newton has brought excitement back to Panthers football.

25. (26) Cleveland Browns 4-9Played the Steelers tough but ultimately need some serious help on offense.

26. (27) Washington Redskins 4-9- Redskins moved the ball on the Patriots. Not sure if that is much of an accomplishment.

27. (24) Tampa Bay Buccaneers 4-9– Good start, rough finish in Tampa Bay.

28. (28) Kansas City Chiefs 5-8Todd Haley takes the fall despite an injury riddled season along with a lack of talent.

29. (29) Jacksonville Jaguars 4-9- Maurice Jones-Drew is having a sensational season despite no offensive support.

30. (30) Minnesota Vikings 2-11– Time to begin preparation towards 2012.

31. (31) St. Louis Rams 2-11- The Rams are a very poor football team.  This is something I’m sure you are aware of.

32. (32) Indianapolis Colts 0-13– 13 down and 3 to go on the quest for imperfection.


NFL Power Rankings Week 14

1. (1)  Green Bay Packers 12-0– Aaron Rodgers has 37 touchdowns and 5 interceptions. Let that sink in.

2. (2) Baltimore Ravens 9-3Ray Rice made a lot of fantasy owners happy for the playoff stretch.

3. (3)  San Francisco 49ers 10-2–  With the win against the Rams, they clinched the NFC West.

4. (4) New Orleans Saints 9-3- Drew Brees was the first QB this season over 4,000 yards.

5. (6) Pittsburgh Steelers 9-3- Dominating win against the division rival Bengals.

6. (5) New England Patriots 9-3Let the Colts hang around as that defense continues to struggle.

7. (7) Houston Texans 9-3- All T.J Yates has to do is hand the ball off to Arian Foster.

8. (8) Dallas Cowboys 7-5–  Jason Garrett ices his own kicker and they lose in Arizona.  Still have the upper hand in the very average  NFC East.

9. (15)Denver Broncos 7-5Tebow does it again as the defense struggles for the first time in over a month. Did I mention Tim Tebow is in first place?

10. (13) Cincinnati Bengals 7-5-  Got wacked against Pittsburgh and still have three straight divisional games left. 

11. (17) Tennessee Titans 7-5-Hanging around has left the Titans only a half of game back in the wildcard race.

12. (10) Detroit Lions 7-5– They need to get back under control or else they will be watching the playoffs at home.

13. (16) New York Jets 7-5- Jets have a tough road to the playoffs after the Chiefs. Eagles, Giants, and Dolphins.

14. (11) Oakland Raiders 7-5- Awful performance against the Dolphins, lost 1st place in the AFC West in the process.

15. (12) Atlanta Falcons 7-5-Matt Ryan couldn’t outscore TJ Yates? Really?

16. (9) Chicago Bears 7-5Week Two with Caleb Hanie didn’t exactly work out.  Tough to get behind them now with Forte out for a while.

17. (14)- New York Giants 6-6- Still are in it with two games against Dallas.

18. (21) San Diego Chargers 5-7- For one night, it all went right for Rivers and company.

19. (19)  Buffalo Bills 5-7 Have fallen off a cliff. Not shocking after Fred Jackson got hurt. What’s CJ Spiller made of?

20. (22) Miami Dolphins 4-8 – Absolutely dominated a playoff-worthy team in Oakland.

21 (25) Carolina Panthers 4-8- Cam Newton leads the entire league in rushing touchdowns.

22. (27) Arizona Cardinals 5-7– Likely won’t make the playoffs, so it’s a matter of how much Kevin Kolb improves to end the year.

23. (24) Seattle Seahawks 5-7- You wouldn’t have guessed Seattle was out of it judging by how they destroyed Philadelphia.

24. (19) Tampa Bay Buccaneers 4-8– Raheem Morris is likely on the hot seat as his team has taken a step back.

25. (20) Philadelphia Eagles 4-8- Absolute disaster.

26. (23) Cleveland Browns 4-8At least they  got Peyton Hillis back…

27. (26) Washington Redskins 4-8- Capitals are struggling so I guess…Go Wizards?

28. (28) Kansas City Chiefs 4-8Remember when they won four in a row?

29. (29) Jacksonville Jaguars 3-9- MJD deserves better.

30. (30) Minnesota Vikings 2-10– Tough loss against Tebow, where have we heard that before?

31. (31) St. Louis Rams 2-10- Is Spags going to lose his job?

32. (32) Indianapolis Colts 0-12– They made it interesting with New England.

NFL Power Rankings Week #13


1. (1)  Green Bay Packers 11-0– Aaron Rodgers and the Packers appear to be the Super Bowl favorites by a wide margin.

2. (6) Baltimore Ravens 8-3John got the better of Jim in Harbaugh Bowl I.  Ravens may be inconsistent but they beat the good teams.

3. (2)  San Francisco 49ers 9-2–  Niners look to bounce back from a tough loss by clinching the NFC west this week.

4. (4) New Orleans Saints 8-3- Drew Brees and the offense could go toe to toe with the Packers indoors but what about outside in the playoffs?

5. (5) New England Patriots 8-3Easy schedule the rest of the way should see the Pats finishing with 12 wins. Can the defense stand up come playoff time?

6. (3) Pittsburgh Steelers 8-3- Another dicey game against a poor team, yet they pull off a victory.

7. (7) Houston Texans 8-3- Matt Schaub done. Matt Leinart out. The T.J. Yates era is underway.

8. (10) Dallas Cowboys 7-4–  The Cowboys win games when DeMarco Murray starts.

9. (9) Chicago Bears 7-4Week one with Caleb Hanie didn’t exactly work out.  We’ll see if he gets it going in start two.

10. (9) Detroit Lions 7-4– Lions are going to have to start winning games if they want to reach the postseason.

11. (12) Oakland Raiders 7-4- The Raiders continue to win football games.  Postseason is within sight.

12. (13) Atlanta Falcons 7-4-When Matt Ryan plays well the Falcons win football games.  They will need him to step up in December.

13. (14) Cincinnati Bengals 7-4-  The Bengals close out a stretch of four consecutive divisional games with week against Pittsburgh.

14. (11)- New York Giants 6-5- Tough schedule is taking a toll on the Giants playoff hopes.

15. (15)Denver Broncos 6-5Not only is Tim Tebow winning games week after week but so is the defense.

16. (16) New York Jets 6-5- The Jets will hang in the playoff race until the end.  They could cause trouble if they make the postseason.

17. (18) Tennessee Titans 6-5-Titans continue to hang around. Chris Johnson finally showed up this week.

18. (19)  Buffalo Bills 5-6– Looks like the Buffalo faithful will have to wait till next year….yet again.

19. (20) Tampa Bay Buccaneers 4-7– Tough season in Tampa….Josh Freeman will need to play better if they wish to compete next year.

20. (21) Philadelphia Eagles 4-7The coaching staff needs to be replaced. DeSean Jackson looks like a future Dallas Cowboy.

21. (17) San Diego Chargers 4-7- The Chargers and Eagles are the biggest disappointments in the NFL this year. Norv Turner needs to be fired.

22. (23) Miami Dolphins 3-8 – The Dolphins have played very well four weeks running.  Spoiler is the role to play from here on out.

23. (25) Cleveland Browns 4-7Maybe the one AFC North team that doesn’t reach the postseason.

24. (22) Seattle Seahawks 4-7- Prime time Thursday night at home against the Eagles.

25 (24) Carolina Panthers 3-8- Losing year, yup.  Successful season, yup.

26. (27) Washington Redskins 4-7- Victory in Seattle stops the skid.  Season was over prior.

27. (28) Arizona Cardinals 4-7– Beanie Wells went nuts on the Rams for a franchise record 228 yards.

28. (26) Kansas City Chiefs 4-7Rough year in Kansas City, hard scheduled and injuries all over the place.  Tyler Palko is very bad.

29. (29) Jacksonville Jaguars 3-8Team sold. Jack Del Rio fired.  Season over.

30. (31) Minnesota Vikings 2-9– Been a big fall since the NFC Championship a few years back.

31. (30) St. Louis Rams 2-9- The experts pick in the NFC West has been a disaster.  Jobs could be lost.

32. (32) Indianapolis Colts 0-11– Horrible season.  The Colts/Patriots game doesn’t have the same feels this season.

NFL Power Rankings


NFL Power Rankings Week 12


1. (1)  Green Bay Packers 10-0– Tough game against the Bucs, but ultimately too much Jordy Nelson

2. (2)  San Francisco 49ers 9-1–  Defense was flat-out dominant against a bad Cardinals team.

3. (3) Pittsburgh Steelers 7-3- Very winnable Sunday Night game vs. a struggling Chiefs team

4. (4) New Orleans Saints 7-3- Seeding could be on the line for a Monday Night Tilt vs. the Giants.

5. (6) New England Patriots 7-3– Seemed to get bored with the Chiefs and then turned it on when they wanted.

6. (7) Baltimore Ravens 7-3Could be an awkward Harbaugh family dinner on Thanksgiving…

7. (8) Houston Texans 7-3- The Matt Leinart playoff push begins.

8. (9) Chicago Bears 7-3I honestly don’t feel that there will be huge drop off with Cutler out.

9. (10) Detroit Lions 7-3– Great showdown between future superstars at quarterback.  Stafford 1, Newton 0.

10. (12) Dallas Cowboys 6-4–  That Dolphins game will be tougher than you think.

11. (5)- New York Giants 6-4- If they don’t get that running game figured out, that epic collapse that the Giants are famous for will happen.

12. (15) Oakland Raiders 6-4- While Palmer has been solid, Michael Bush has been the MVP since McFadden has gone down.

13. (13) Atlanta Falcons 6-4-Got a brief scare from rookie quarterback Jake Locker.

 14. (11) Cincinnati Bengals 6-4-  Despite the tough loss to Baltimore, you can’t help but think that Bengals are starting to believe in Andy Dalton and his promising future.

15. (20)Denver Broncos 5-5Tebow does it again, how long will it last?

16. (14) New York Jets 5-5- It’s get really mediocre after the Jets…

17. (18) San Diego Chargers 4-6- Vincent Jackson needs to get paid.

18. (17) Tennessee Titans 5-5-Tough loss against the Falcons, will likely continue to hang around.

19. (16)  Buffalo Bills 5-5– Fred Jackson’s injury might be the beginning of the end.

20. (19) Tampa Bay Buccaneers 4-6– It seems that Tampa Bay always tends to get too pass happy. Blount only got 18 carries against Green Bay. Give that man the rock!

21. (23) Philadelphia Eagles 4-6Vince Young was 15-18 for 169 yards with a touchdown and a pick in the second half. Pretty efficient.

22. (26) Seattle Seahawks 4-6- I wonder how many people tuned in to Seattle and St. Louis last week.

23. (30) Miami Dolphins 3-7 – Got to love how the Dolphins play hard even when their season is over.

24 (24) Carolina Panthers 2-8- If Newton can cut down on the turnovers and I expect he will, the sky is the limit.

25. (22) Cleveland Browns 4-6Chris Ogbonnaya has filled in nicely as the third string running back. 

26. (21) Kansas City Chiefs 4-6Hard to get excited for the rest of the season with Tyler Palko under center.

27. (25) Washington Redskins 3-7- Jabar Gaffney is smart to get off of Twitter.

28. (22) Arizona Cardinals 3-7– Might as well have been an actual skeleton playing quarterback for them against the Niners.

29. (28) Jacksonville Jaguars 3-7Blaine Gabbert still stinks

30. (29) St. Louis Rams 2-8- Lost year for Bradford and company

31. (31) Minnesota Vikings 2-8– If AP is out for extended period of time, the only reason left to watch is Jared Allen.

32. (32) Indianapolis Colts 0-10– Two games up on the Suck for Luck sweepstakes.

The actual starting quarterback for the Arizona Cardinals vs. the 49ers last Sunday. He had a "live" arm.