Jersey Wrong

Let me start by saying I am a proud New Jerseyan. I love my state and couldn’t imagine growing up anywhere else. New Jersey has long been a national punch line and has received much criticism over the years due to their politics and corruption. They have a large image problem as most people nationally perceive us as basically all Tommy Devitos from Goodfellas. That image was unfortunately only reinforced by the very popular Jersey Shore program, which is a misnomer considering only a couple people from the cast were actually from Jersey. Still, I love the people here and all my state has to offer. New Jersey is so diverse geographically and one of very few states where you can go from mountains to the beach in about an hour.

New Jersey is facing another image problem and that is all the negative attention Rutgers University has been getting. Rutgers is making the state of New Jersey look bad and people need to be held accountable for their actions. This all started when a video surfaced of ex Rutgers basketball head coach Mike Rice berating and abusing players on his team. He was eventually let go as well as the athletic director, Tim Pernetti. But there has been a significant amount of debate over whether or not university president Robert Barchi should get fired. To say he only saw the video of the abuse when the rest of the nation did sounds a little sketchy and is a bad way to start his tenure at Rutgers considering the abuse took place within his first couple months. They also hired former Rutgers player Eddie Jordan as the new head basketball coach, but then a minor stir was created when reports came out that he never actually graduated from there after it was reported for years that he did. rutgers-logo Continue reading

2012/2013 NCAA Football Bowl Results

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Schiano New Bucs Coach

Greg Schiano is the new Tampa Bay Buccaneers Head Coach. Schiano has been the Rutgers Head Coach since 2001 where he went 68-67. He also coached with the Bears and University of Miami as Defensive Backs Coach and Defensive Coordinator.

Schiano won 68 games in 11 seasons at Rutgers.

Schiano meets the Tampa press for the first time.