Patriots Super Bowl Champions

Tom Brady won his fourth Super Bowl and third Super Bowl MVP.

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2012 NFL Picks – Super Bowl Sunday

It’s time for the 21st installment of “Sports with Balls” weekly NFL picks for year number four! This is our final set of picks for the 2012 season.

Standings after the Championship Round:

(Line) [Straight]{Year}

Bill Fucich (5-4-1)[4-6]{48-45-4}

Matt Sherman (4-5-1)[6-4]{32-61-4}

Glenn Coyle (5-4-1)[5-5]{44-49-4}

Michael Bedard (3-6-1)[4-6]{38-55-4}

Scott Boutcher  (4-5-1)[4-6]{44-49-4}

Mike Orzechowski (5-4-1)[7-3]{42-51-4}

Super Bowl Sunday has arrived and is ready to go, see picks below!

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2012 Sports with Balls Blog Super Bowl Predictions

Super Bowl XLVII will be played on February 3, 2013 in New Orleans, Louisiana.  We have a full season to go before it is determined what teams will participate in the big game but that is not stopping us from making our preseason picks.

SwBS Staff Super Bowl Picks:

Mike Orzechowski

AFC Champion – New England Patriots

NFC Champion – Chicago Bears

Super Bowl Champion – New England Patriots

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