AFC West Preview

Peyton Manning led the Broncos to 13 wins and the home field in the AFC last season. He had a great season for the Broncos but came up short in the playoffs.

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NFL Picks – Super Bowl Sunday

It’s time for the “Sports with Balls” weekly NFL playoff picks! Our final picks for the 2011 season.

Standings:  Current overall record (previous week-line)<previous week-straight>[playoff record line/straight up]{regular season record}

Mike Orzechowski 60-30-1 (2-0)<1-1>[7-3/7-3]{53-27-1}

Warren Croxton 49-41-1 (0-2)<1-1>[5-5/5-5]{44-36-1}

Matt Sherman 47-41-3 (1-1)<1-1>[7-3/5-5]{40-38-3}

Bill Fucich 42-47-2 (2-0)<2-0>[7-3/6-4]{35-44-2}

Scott Boutcher 41-50-0 (1-1)<1-1>[6-4/5-5]{35-46-0}

Super Bowl Sunday is here and ready to go.

Matt Sherman
New England -2.5 vs. NY Giants; New England to win outright.
Patriots 24, Giants 20; MVP: Tom Brady

-Aaron Hernandez and even a gimpy Rob Gronkowski will give the Giants trouble. Expect Brady to pull out the stunning last drive this time around.

Matt is obviously pumped up for another Giants Super Bowl! Follow him on twitter here.

Mike Orzechowski
NY Giants +2.5 vs. New England; New England to win outright.
Patriots 28, Giants 27; MVP: Wes Welker

-The Giants seem to have the edge on paper.  But its hard not to have faith in the Brady/Belichick combo.  I expect the game to come down to the final minutes much like the last several times these teams have faced off.

Mike O is gonna start getting nervous around 6:15pm! Check out his twitter.

Scott Boutcher
New England -2.5 vs. NY Giants; New England to win outright.
Patriots 24, Giants 21; MVP: Tom Brady

-The Patriots offensive line keeps Brady clean for the majority of the game, while the Giants o-line has trouble blocking Vince Wilfork. Eli makes one bad throw that puts the Pats in great field position and Gronkowski makes an impact in the red zone.

Scotty B is anti Giants this week for personal reasons not involving Matt. Follow him on twitter for the rare tweet.

Bill Fucich
NY Giants +2.5 vs. New England; NY Giants to win outright.
Giants 28, Patriots 20; MVP: Jason Pierre-Paul.

-Manning’s trio of wide outs (Nicks, Cruz and Manningham) prove to be too much for the Pats’ secondary. Pierre-Paul and the defense contain Brady but eventually wear him down with constant pressure.

Bill is on the Giants bandwagon for at least 24 hours. follow him in twitter land.

Warren Croxton
NY Giants +2.5 vs. New England; NY Giants to win outright.
Giants 28, Patriots 27;  MVP: Victor Cruz

-I’m going to play the part of the grumpy Eagles fan. It’s a back and forth game. The smart Eagles fans are begging, just once, for the Patriots to win because:
A. They don’t want to listen to Giants fans
B. a 9-7 Giants team…Really? Kick in the gut.

Eli to Victor Cruz with 2:20 remaining to give the Giants the lead (Somehow Nnamdi’s fault), Way too much time for Brady right? Brady drives down the field and has a first and goal with 25 seconds. Just when you think Brady is going to do his magic…. Bang. Sack, Fumble, Recovered by Jason Pierre Paul (Picked after Brandon Graham)…..There is no god.
Warren bitter?. Take a look inside Warren’s world via twitter.

Check back next season for another year of NFL picks.

Patriots AFC East Champions

The New England Patriots are your 2011 AFC East Champions. New England is 11-3 and will host the Miami Dolphins next week. They clinched a division title with a 41-23 win over the Denver Broncos.

Tom Brady has thrown for 4,593 yards and 35 touchdowns for the Pats this year.

Rob Gronkowski has 1,141 yards and an absurd 15 touchdowns and has become one of Brady's favorite targets.

Kyle Arrington has been a bright spot on a bad Patriots defense with 77 tackles and 7 interceptions.