NFL Week 3 Recap

Kansas City Chiefs (3-0) 26, Philadelphia Eagles (1-2) 16

Jamaal Charles ran for 92 yards and a touchdown.

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NFL Week 2 Recap

New England Patriots (2-0) 13, New York Jets (1-1) 10

Tom Brady threw for 185 yards and a touchdown in a sloppy win over the Jets.

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Richardson Traded To Colts

The addition of Richardson extremely upgrades the Colts backfield.

The Indianapolis Colts have upgraded their backfield in search of a AFC South title. Trent Richardson was traded to the Colts for a future first round pick on Wednesday evening. Continue reading

NFL Week 1 Recap

Denver Broncos (1-0) 49, Baltimore Ravens (0-1) 27

Peyton Manning threw for 462 yards and an NFL record tying 7 touchdowns.

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Oklahoma State Football Under Fire


The NCAA has another scandal on its hands.  Following in the footsteps of Penn State and Johnny Manziel, Oklahoma State Football could find itself under investigation for numerous infractions under two different coaches, according to a report for Sports Illustrated.

Yesterday Sports Illustrated reported Oklahoma State players received cash payments from people associated with the program while Les Miles (now at LSU) was coach.  Today Sports Illustrated has released a story claiming that academic fraud also occurred not only under Miles but also under current coach Mike Gundy.  The story also states that thirteen former players have admitted to committing some form of academic misconduct from 2000-2011.  Sixteen additional players were named by former players as having received inappropriate assistance.

Several key players have told Sports Illustrated that they either had work done for them or received some other form of academic assistance.  Current Cowboys superstar WR Dez Bryant was also brought up in the story which claims he wouldn’t go to class and had work completed for him.  Bryant has denied receiving any illegal assistance.

Some former players such as Cleveland Browns QB Brandon Weedon have come forward to deny the claims of impropriety.  He feels that no wrong doing was done and the Oklahoma State football program is clean.

If the NCAA decides to launch an official investigation into the claims, Oklahoma State could face significant sanctions if any of the alleged violations are proven true.