NFL Week 12 Recap

Oakland Raiders (1-10) 24, Kansas City Chiefs (7-4) 20

Latavius Murray ran for 112 yards and 2 touchdowns.

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NFL Week 9 Recap

New Orleans Saints (4-4) 28, Carolina Panthers (3-5-1) 10

Mark Ingram ran for 100 yards and 2 touchdowns.

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NFL Week 6 Recap

Indianapolis Colts (4-2) 33, Houston Texans (3-3) 28

T.Y. Hilton had 9 catches for 223 yards and a touchdown.

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NFL Week 2 Recap

New England Patriots (2-0) 13, New York Jets (1-1) 10

Tom Brady threw for 185 yards and a touchdown in a sloppy win over the Jets.

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NFL Quarterback Ratings for Week 1

It’s the time of the season where you’ve drafted all your fantasy teams and are simply waiting for Sunday. The Giants and Cowboys got it started with 13 games going Sunday and 2 on Monday.  I can’t promise a weekly post on the QB Rankings, but there will definitely be one a month.

Some rules- Must have thrown at least 300 passes last season.

Rookies don’t count because we haven’t seen them play.

1. Aaron Rodgers- First in QB Rating, first in yards per attempt,  second in in touchdowns, tied for #1 in fewest interceptions among QBs that qualified. Throw in 253 yards rushing, a few rushing touchdowns, and a 15-1 regular season and you get the #1 quarterback in the first SWB’s QB Ratings of 2012.

#1 in the Power Rankings to kick off 2012

2. Eli Manning- The two time Super Bowl MVP had his best year to date last season. 4th in passing yards, 5th in yards per attempt, 6th in touchdowns, and 7th in QB rating. Eli also set an NFL record with 9 touchdowns with less than four minutes to go in a single season. Gets the nod over Brees and Brady for his outstanding playoff .

3. Drew Brees- Broke Dan Marino’s record, threw one more touchdown than Rodgers and completed 71 percent of his passes while finishing 2nd the league in passing attempts. Had two outstanding playoff games, throwing for 928 yards with 7 touchdowns and 2 INT. It’s a shame his defense let him down against the 49ers.

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